Saturday, December 7, 2013

Betty in the Wild: OOOOOOklahoma (and a bit more Texas)

After a lovely Lubbock visit, the Betties and I hit the road once more, heading east and north through Texas.  As previously noted, we saw classic ranch entrances whilst we traveled toward and through the panhandle.

Not Jenny's ancestral estate

Throughout the mid-section of the United States, I have been struck by the beauty of the grasslands.  The long, multi-colored grasses glimmer in the sunlight, unlike the not-quite-so-long, pretty-much-just-green grass of my front yard.

Not the conventional floral beauty of Madeira and the Canaries,
but Texas nonetheless offers some pretty awesome scenery.

I had never been in Oklahoma before!  As per, I loved it.  Big, broad, beautiful landscapes every which where, except in Oklahoma City, which seemed to stretch about 30 miles.

Not Jenny's ancestral home farm.

Not Jenny's ancestral autumnal hill.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma is helping to preserve not only prairie dogs and bison, but also longhorn cattle.  It's gorgeous and has great hiking trails.

Oh, give me a home...  where the winds go sweeping down the plains...

Fuzzy!  Wuzzy!  I should have put Tishy and Jason in this
photo, so they could save George from goring.  Bison
run fast.


  1. Guess who's been singing OOOOOOklahoma at the back of her mind - just the first line of the chorus and with the wrong lyrics too! - ever since she clapped eyes on the title of your post this morning? How could I have missed this last night. My mind must have been fuzzy wuzzy, or else I must have left several tabs open on my computer.
    Love the pictures. The autumnal hill in particular. And my little Tishy's bull, er, bison. You were so brave...
    Could be that Oklahoma City does stretch about 30 miles in one direction...

  2. I have always loved Betty Neel since my roommate, a nursing student, introduced me to her books in the early 1970s. About a year ago, I discovered that 125 of Betty Neels books were available on Kindle, and have since read and re-read them.

    To my delight, I discovered The Uncrushable Jersey Dress a couple of months ago when I was searching for a recipe for treacle tarts. You Bettys are so...kindred, to borrow a Lucy Maud Montgomery-ism. I haven't yet made it through all of your reviews, but I will. They are funny, clever, and delightfully disrespectful (I also wonder if a high forehead should be read as early balding). I love the graphics you come up with, and the "Lies, wicked lies" embroidery. Your blog is a hoot (a good time).

    So as you Bettys drive off the ferry and into the sunset, its golden rays glinting off the windmills, castle pepperpots, and fields of tulips, I thank you for many good reads: Lashings of whipped cream,