Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Quick Quiz - Yay Betty AnoninTX; Hints Added for #3

Courtesy of my English brother-in-law, who seems to have dug into the oeuvre.  Please, no web-searches for book quotes; just answer as best you can from your standing knowledge of the World of Betty:

#1)  In which Betty does our plucky heroine consider "Michael Caine and Kojak" (!?!?) the pinnacles of masculinity?
WINNER:  Betty AnoninTX!  Expect a prize from Fortnum and Mason to arrive soon, assuming you've ordered yourself a Christmas present therefrom.

#1a)  Whom do you consider to be the pinnacles of masculinity?

#2)  In which Betty does our plucky heroine get covered in chips (french fried potatoes)?
WINNER:  Betty AnoninTX!  Ditto on the F&M.

 #2a)  What is the most distressing thing in which you, or your favorite hero or heroine, have ever been covered?

#3)  In which Betty does our plucky heroine own a dog named Rough?
HINTS:  Our plucky heroine gains Rough as part of her MOC.  There is no celebration of Christmas in the book.  The title is poetic.

#3a)  Have you ever accidentally named a dog something you couldn't shout easily when s/he escaped the lead whilst gamboling in the park?


  1. Tough one. My mom's calling. Gotta go take the dog out. With an easily shoutable though strange name.
    Betty A.

  2. Is it Dennis the Menace whose dog is named 'Ruff'?

  3. Betty Borussia-MönchengladbachDecember 18, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    The answer to 2a. is pretty obvious. Lashings of whipped cream!!

  4. It's uh SAD uhnd LAM-muhn-tuh-buhl FACT thuht I hav FAILD thuh TEST.

    #1) wrong guess
    #1a) not Michael Caine or Kojak
    #2) wrong guess, wrong guess
    #2a) Smelly canal slime covering Becky and the Baron. (My first thought was the leaking and barfing Bosnian baby's smelly leavings on Serena's skirt.)
    #3) wrong guess, wrong guess

    Would this be the same brother-in-law who asked about the breed switchging dog in the Canon?

  5. The TOP COMMENTS are gone. The Search function is still not working.

    1. Yes, there's a problem with the 'gadget.' I'm writing to Blogger to beg that they develop a smoother-functioning gadget, as this user-developed one has had problems a couple of times when Google has made changes to Blogger.

  6. 1. Ring in a Teacup
    1a. My real husband the PRT and my fantasy husband Hugh Jackman

    2. Ring in a Teacup again, unless there is another one. Lucy gets knocked down by the car and is covered in fish and chips.
    2a. I've been covered in blood and bruises after my dog Emmitt ran around my knees with his leash and knocked me over in a driveway. Does that count?

    3. Not sure
    3a. My dogs have all had human names.

    Betty AnoninTX

    1. Your 2a counts for sure, and very Betty-esque of you if I may say so. I hope the PRT was there to pick you up and brush you off and take control of Emmitt. Plus tea.

      Hint on 3): The heroine inherits Rough as part of her MOC family. He's nicer to her than other family members...

  7. Today, I went to the bookshop and picked up a pile of Christmas novels I had ordered. Now, if only I had the time to read them...
    One of them is a book for children, Rumer Godden, The Story of Holly and Ivy
    Betty A.

    1. I read The Story of Holly and Ivy, last night, while having supper on a tray. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

      The Betty Touch:
      Mr. Blossom and Peter were so busy they could hardly snatch a cup of tea

      She put Ivy’s suitcase in the rack and gave her a packet of sandwiches, an apple, a ticket, two shillings, and a parcel that was her Christmas present; [...]

  8. 3. After the hints and after much wading through books (in alphabetical order of course), I arrived at S and Sun and Candlelight. Sheesh. I don't remember the poor dog, and I've read that one multiple times too.

    Betty AnoninNM