Friday, October 7, 2011

A Bettysday Limerick

via email:

Happy belated Bettysday, dear Bettys. I celebrated my birthday just about a fortnight before the Venerable, and this year, thanks to TUJD, I did so with a *brand new!!* (to me) Betty. "A Christmas Romance" had not crossed my, or my completist brother-in-law's, radar before your marvelous blog introduced it to me. So I got it as a birthday gift, and was appropriately delighted. I took it out to tea at my local Ritz, and snapped a blurry photo (the carbohydrate-overload affected my eye) to share with Team Olivia Araminta. Because surely all Bettys ultimately are on the same team, yes?

I also composed a few lyrics over my meal, thusly:

The rich, Dutch doctor looked down
At a mousy Araminta named Brown
Her violet eyes
Caused his heart’s capsize
And that must explain his fierce frown.

On page one, our heroes meet cute
She in wellies; he in a suit
Her cat likes his dog
She gets lost in a fog
Page 220, kisses render them mute.

Debbie and Keira decide
That Brighton they cannot abide
Thus their blogging began
Gath’ring every Neels fan
“Our heroes!” Sister Bettys all sighed.

Love and lashings,
Betty van den Betsy