Thursday, October 20, 2011

How Far Would You Go?

It'll be a while before we reprise Saturday's Child...but that book has been on my mind this week. There's an episode in it where the RDD drives 920 miles to SPAIN to pick up his young niece and then drive the 920 miles back to Amsterdam with said niece and plucky British Nurse Abigail. I totally applaud the fact that the RDD was willing to go to such lengths to help out a sick family member (who coincidentally needed precisely the type of specialist that he was).

It sort of looks like the wiring was done by a blind secretary who
had a little extra time and a couple of spare paperclips. Is this normal? I don't know.

I mentioned on an earlier post this week that my 20 year-old son was injured/assaulted over the weekend.  What I didn't mention that he was 1,200 miles away at the time.  As a mother, I found it surprisingly difficult (because I'm usually not that kind of mom) to deal with this problem long-distance.  Could I have flown to his side? Sure. Would that have been helpful? Hmm. Maybe. Would he have matured more with me there? No.  Still, I angsted over this right up until 9:30 this morning when I met him at the airport.

Dr. van der Stevejinck and I ended up only having to drive the 60-ish miles to Sea-Tac airport.  My question is this: What would you have done?  Would you fly to your 20 year-old son's side - OR make the rational decision to have his immediate concerns taken care of by people that you trust (which means waiting a couple of days to see him)?


  1. Poor Alex! Ugh. The liquid diet fills me with dread.

    And, I suppose the answer to your question is that, yes, I would probably wait for him to get to me but I'd have chewed my fingernails into nubby stumps in the mean time...

  2. Hmmm...all things being equal, if I could have, I probably would have flown to his side. Dad would have come too. Thankfully we've never had to deal with that - he has always lived here in town. Didn't even go away to college - went locally as his course of study is one for which our local Tech was rated #1.

    Our daughter-in-law had complications after her 2nd son was born and didn't tell anyone at all about it until it was all done and over. Even her parents, who'd come to stay with the older child for the birth. She got an earful about that!


  3. Sorry to hear the misadventures of your son. I probably would have waited for him, trusting my feelings after hearing him and be sure that he could manage by himself.But one never knows...

    Helene Betty