Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, October 31st.
The Course of True Love

Cats named Enoch and Toots, the RDD reupholsters a chair(!!!),
a plastic pinny that  says "Work Hard".


  1. That dress, paired with a slimming camel jacket, statement wrist cuff and leather boots would almost be in style again.

  2. Are we looking at the same dress? I'm looking a pleated, short-sleeved striped dress that looked like someone had some leftover fabric after making the prison jumpsuits, assuming that for cost-cutting reasons, the prison jumpsuits are made with fabric that bleeds from black & white to dishwater aqua & dye-discharge mauve in the first wash...

  3. Well... you could put a big belt around the middle, leggings and tall boots on the bottom, and cut the skirt off to make a long tunic, and then half my students would clamor to wear it...

    Then again, they're middle schoolers, so their taste is not quite trustworthy!

  4. Yep, anything short with leggings, belt, cuff and tight leather boots would work in most decades.

    I think she has a Shy Di look just at the start of dating tweedy Prince Charles. A hopeful puppyish expression in brightly frumpy kindergartenish teacher dress. Look out for Rottweilers and Tunnels behind that tudor castle...

  5. Am I the only one that hears this name and thinks of this Claribel?

    And doesn't it seem like an episode from Howdy Doody or Blues Clues with all the Mrs. Flutes, Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Green and Mr. Clutter, or was in Shutter?

  6. Cover model for Marc looks a lot like thisguy . I'm not a M.C. fan, but gotta admit he's got the dark brows, eyes, & hair. Not to mention deep facial creases, hawky nose, and eye wrinkles. Yes?

  7. Betty Barbara here--
    Yes, Betty Mary, I do believe we discussed the heroine's unfortunate name the first time around. Like you, I had the same association in my mind--I am afraid that most Americans of a certain age would think 'clown' rather than 'gorgeous girl' when reading the name Claribel.

    Oooh, I do believe you have once again found a match for the illustration--good job! I'm not sure I would have come up with Montgomery Clift.We are all agreed, are we not, that she bears a strong resemblance to a young Princess Diana.