Monday, October 17, 2011

Calling All Bettys

My supermarket does not carry Horlicks or Bovril - or beef tea.  Lemonade is available (that Neels standby for kids with measles...).

Without getting too personal, my darling twenty-year old son was...umm...punched in the face on Saturday.  It wasn't a fight or anything, just a wild punch by an unfortunate young man who was off his medications.  The upshot of all this is that my son is getting his broken jaw wired shut and will have to be on a liquid diet for the next few weeks.

What I'm looking for here are menu suggestions and recipes for liquid meals.  Anyone?  This particular child of mine doesn't have any spare fat on him to start with, so I'm not looking for diet food.


  1. You could make the coconut milk ginger soup that I made, minus the chicken and other stuff. Tasty, and ginger is good for upset stomachs which usually present when someone's on a liquid diet. If you want I'll email you the recipe if you don't want to hunt it down.

  2. Betty Barbara here--

    Whatever you liquify, throw a spoonful of Benefiber into it--just sayin'.
    I would say add an egg to milkshakes or fruit smoothies--but with raw eggs getting a bad report card--maybe not.
    Remember to vary temperatures--warm soups, cool drinks, etc. Almost anything can be liquified.
    Rebekah's soup suggestion sounds tasty!
    The puree speed on your blender is going to get a work out.
    Now if he had been put on a CLEAR liquid regime-the boy would be in a real world of hurts. But merely liquid--you just have to be able to suck it through a straw!
    FYI-pasta does not puree well at all, but potatoes do.
    Good luck and speedy recovery!

  3. More from Betty Barbara--
    Betty Debbie--I realized shortly after I posted that I should have clarified. Baked potato soup, for ex, would be great--without the bacon(oh noes)and with at least an extra several cups of milk/cream. Straight pureed baked/mashed potatoes--not a good idea!
    In other words--stock up on milk (or cream)!
    Which will help with the calorie count for sure!!

  4. Benefiber = brilliant!

    I found a blog written by someone who had had their jaw wired closed - their top two best friends in the kitchen were a blender (of course) and a mesh strainer...I have both of them - and expect that they will get a workout.

  5. Cook stuff you would normally boil in water (potatoes, for example) in chicken broth before straining/blending -- it adds just that extra bit of protein. Also, protein powder added to yogurt-based smoothies is nice.

  6. Hello, that is so hardcore to get punched and then recquire liquid diet.

    Anyway I live in Asia and the staple diet is congee (rice/hook porridge). It's often the only breakfast or lunch meal and certainly my little kids had this as their first 4 month and later training liquid solid etc.

    It's basically boiling rice for 1 or two hours in stock with fresh ingredients to taste. A favorite of heath food is rice porrdge with fish and vegetable stock with fresh fish added just before serving (this can be mashed or processed for baby/invalids).

    Like risotto it can be seasoned or spiced to taste, but just get one of the recipes online for congee and use longrain white rice and you can't go wrong really. My favorite us where you simmer in the rice and stock a whole chicken for two hours until it's melting.
    It's not as traditional or tasty, but now you could use a wholegrain or wild rice alternative instead of white rice.
    Betty AnHK - good look on the recovery