Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not the Other Woman

via email from Betty Anonymous:
Not the Other Woman

On Saturday, I had volunteered to do some dog sitting. And, while the little princess had a little snooze in one of the two spots on the couch favoured by her, I watched The Rich and the Beautiful of Sylt, an island in Northern Germany.

One of the Rich featured in the program – and in her case Beautiful, too – was Rosalie van Breemen, born August 2, 1966, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She is a former Dutch model, worked as a presenter on Dutch television, and as a journalist for De Telegraaf and Paris Match, for example.

She is Dutch , but also Frisian, as she emphasized in the documentary.

In 1987, Rosalie van Breemen met French actor Alain Delon. Despite a considerable age difference (30 years), they had a long-lasting relationship. They had two children, but were never married. In 2001, the couple separated.

In 2002, she married French millionaire Alain Afflelou. After their divorce in 2008 she wrote a book about how when your marriage fails you can make your divorce a success.

Pour le meilleur et pour l'avenir
Comment rater son mariage et réussir son divorce ?
(For Better and for the Future)
The French title of the book plays on the French Pour le meilleur et pour le pire ( For better, for worse)

En ze leefde nog lang en gelukkig
Hoe laat je je huwelijk mislopen en slaag je in je scheiding?
(En ze leefde nog lang en gelukkig – And she lived long and happily – A typical phrase in Dutch fairy tale endings.)

In 2010, Rosalie married American billionaire Robert Agostinelli, son of Italian immigrants.

Remarkable woman. After both separations, Rosalie van Breemen managed to find a new love and get married within a year or two.
For richer, ...

I was strongly reminded of the other women in Neelsdom (which for some reason unbeknownst to myself I like to call Neeldom), the RDDs’ woman friends, would-be-wives, fiancées, ex-wives, ex-fiancées...

In the documentary, Rosalie van Breemen gave me the impression that she is a very nice person, down-to-earth, and I cannot see her in the role of one of the other women. A very handsome woman – "keeping middle-age at bay".

This is about what she looked like in the documentary.

With Alain Delon

With Alain Afflelou

With Agostinelli

P.S. She owns a lovely Japanese dog.  After her divorce and while she was writing at her book in her home on Sylt, he kept her faithful company.

Betty Anonymous.


  1. Two husbands and one faux husband--even if it was Alain Delon--(not to mention the go-go boots)surely qualifies her as a Veronica....Does having a dog (even if exotic) disqualify her though?

  2. Hey, my situation with the Bettys Henry & Ross is a bit like that. Certainly Betty Henry and I are still excellent friends despite divorcing. (Betty JoDee can comment on that, as she's met them both.)

    1. Betty van den BetsyJanuary 24, 2012 at 10:18 PM

      And do you have go-go boots?

    2. Alas, no. I'm not the go-go boots type. Also, I'm ten years older than Rosalie. Not that this is relevant.

      The real reason I'm not a Veronica is that Betty Henry hasn't found his slightly plump English nurse with fine eyes, extravagantly lashed. Yet.

  3. Betty van den BetsyJanuary 24, 2012 at 10:18 PM

    Ways she is not a Veronica:

    1) currently married (only blood relatives vie for our heroine's RDD whilst married)
    2) likes dogs
    3) has a billionaire husband -- Veronicas, being mercenary, would not trade in a billionaire for a mere millionaire. A billion is 1,000 times more than a million. That's a lot of devoted retainers, socking great Bentleys and even private planes.
    4) seems to have a sense of humor, or at least a good editor
    5) 45 or 46 years old; I think none of Mrs. Neels's Veronicas are older than the doctor -- they're usually in their 30s.

  4. Yup, could have a white boot in both camps, hard to not seem slightly sexist with comments...but, anyway...
    Not Veronika
    - humourous
    - has career
    - more intimate relationship with dog than husbands?
    - Too rich for a Prof.

    - possible dubious/eurotrashy fashion sense (gogo boots/hollywood hair)
    - possible 'status anxiety' with husband-hopping
    - love the 'keeping middle age at bay' comment. Hello possible botox/filler.
    Betty AnHK

    1. Don't some Veronicas have careers? Or is it just Araluciaminta's sisters?

      Her sense of humo(u)r does put a spanner in the Veronica works though.

  5. There is a picture missing. The Cute one. Pity. She was wearing a cute Dutch bonnet.
    Betty Anonymous

    1. I can see the Dutch bonnet picture when I open the page. It's the top one (rather small).

  6. I am sorry but the fact remains, Rosalie van Breemen is just a common gold digger.. nothing more.

    The famous billionaire financier Robert F. Agostinelli was just another victim similar to how Charlotte Lucas treated him. Sadly wealthy men will always be targeted by these types of woman.