Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, January 16th.
Heaven Around the Corner

Norway, Simon the Uncivil Engineer,
Claudia the Alcoholic, dancing to ABBA.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    I didn't care much for this one for several reasons. i didn't like our civil engineer for one.
    The other is a much more serious one involving medical ethics/medical mis-information. Did the various docs deliberately not tell Louisa of Claudia's true condition? Or did each honestly think that the other doctor had filled her in? We know that Claudia deliberately mislead Louisa, but I'm finding it hard to forgive Simon for not cluing her in immediately.

    Not one in my re-read rotation of The Betty's books.

  2. Betty van den BetsyJanuary 10, 2012 at 2:47 PM

    Tinned soup with a suspicion of botulism for me. The treatment of alcoholism from beginning to end is irresponsible and absurd. If Betty didn't know better, her editors should have.

  3. I haven't done the re-read on this one, yet. But I'd caution against judging this book on 2012 standards. I'm trying to remember 1981, but I'd just had my 2nd baby in 12.5 months, so things are still fuzzy. But I'm thinking that 31 years ago rich people were still covering up embarrassing conditions from unrelated persons who might spill the beans.
    I might be totally off the beam on this one. After I read it, who knows maybe I'll agree that Betty needed an better editor. Til then I'm keeping an open mind.
    Being married to an EE, I'm thinking I may overlook the silly stuff anyway. We'll see.

  4. I'm very interested to hear the feedback. This was almost the very last book I got, and it was hard to get and VERY expensive - over $30. Never would have bought it except that it was the last one I needed. (or so I thought at the time.)

  5. Its hard not to understand the simple fact that patient in your care should have full notes as to what their ailment consisted of, or that any medical staff would need full disclosure, esp. if they had to take care of them for months on end. I mean, its totally feasible that irresponsible medical miscommunication happens, but than Simon keeps her in the dark longer?! Its like not telling the construction crew about the correct ground conditions for as long as possible.

    Not really a favourite as Simon, the metaphoric cold 'bridge builder', never cuts it as attractive lead and its also hard to rout for a trained nursing professional naive enough not recognise an alcoholic diva. This is from 2012 viewpoint though.

    Betty Mary - An EE, electrical engineer?
    Betty AnHK