Friday, January 6, 2012


via email from Betty Francesca:

Hello Girls,

Just thought you might like a real life blonde (Dutch) model for the competition to our lovely heroines.
Her name is Doutzen Kroes and was born in Friesland.
She is a Victoria Secret model (even though she is not overly luptious). Hence the possibility of putting her in a blue dress with a V down to her belly button that does nothing for her!!!!
Expensive make-up that an Araminta would kill for? Check.
A bosom that is not 'pleasingly plump'? Check.


  1. Betty van den BetsyJanuary 6, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    I am picturing her in a silver lamé pantsuit, which somehow doesn't look at all like what I expected. Does Betty anywhere mention her Veronicas wearing false eyelashes? Never tried it myself - I must be an Old-Fashioned Girl!

  2. Don't forget the wand-like figure--check.
    I bet Juffrouw Kroes is nice and nowhere close to a Veronica in personality.

  3. I haven't met her, of course, I've only seen her in interviews on television and on youtube. She appears to be a very nice person. I remember seeing a short film about her participation in a campaign called "Praat mar Frysk" (meaning "go ahead and speak Fries" or something along those lines) trying to encourage people, especially young people, to speak Fries whenever they can instead of speaking Dutch all the time. The video is still on youtube. If you want to hear what Fries sounds like - watch it. There is a male voice in the off and another female speaker besides Doutzen.
    Doutzen Kroes seit Praat mar Frysk

    And that awful thing is not the kind of pantsuit I see in my mind.

    Betty Anonymous

  4. After listening to her in a couple of English speaking interviews (on youtube), I've come to the conclusion that she's much too nice to be a Veronica! I could see her as the RDD's younger sister.

  5. Francesca, I have changed my mind. Doutzen Kroes as the competition - that was a great idea!!! Because Doutzen Kroes also worked as an actress (for the Netherlands’ first movie in 3D). And since actors/actresses are supposed to be able to play all roles, good or evil, she would be a good choice for the Evil Veronica part. Or any of the other parts for that matter

    Doutzen as Veronica de Boze
    'Latet anguis in herba,' murmured Sir Paul.

    Doutzen as The Fiancé
    He put a hand on her shoulder and led her from one to the other, and then paused by Anneliese, who was superb in red chiffon, delicately made- up, her hair an artless mass of loose curls. 'RememberErmentrude?'asked the professor cheerfully ... (The Mistletoe Kiss)

    Doutzen as The-Model-Sister-but-by-no-means-A-Model-Sister
    „...dress was pretty, she was nicely made up, her hair, simply dressed, shone with cleanliness, and yet suddenly she felt dowdy. Eunice was enough to make anyone feel like that; her golden hair was arranged artlessly around her lovely face, ...“

    Doutzen as the newly minted Oliviaminta van den Berg - Wijsma
    after Prof. Dr. Tane van den Berg - Wijsma let her loose at Harrod’s for the first time. (Elegant Cashmere Sweater in Neelsgray. So suitable for tea round the fire at his cottage at Farleigh Wallop.)
    Betty Anonymous

  6. Nice Work Betty A. She's a versatile character, kind of a Betty version of Meryl Strep!

  7. Adoring the fur turban/pill box hat and lovingly applied make-up in the first picture - Doutzen is brighton worthy. Interesting editorial also, with the tape pulling eyes and nude nails.

    Can imagine her as flightly vixen and even more as headstrong, plot device younger sister.

    False eyelashes - there has definitely been a reference or two a grey widow caught having false eyelashes losing in comparison to our Betty's unpainted naturally long lashes. Jealous!

    (vanitas subnote: individual false eyelashes, matched to hair tone and applied well, is extremely extremely useful. Include heated eyelash curler, reduces need for mascara and looks far more natural.)
    Betty AnHK

  8. LOL

    Betty A great job on the pics. Although I don't know the reference to the first one with Sir Paul.

    Betty Francesca

  9. Betty Francesca,
    the quote came to me when I saw the snake-bracelet, and then of course I couldn't refrain from citing it. I didn't know which of the doctors had said it, but I knew he referred to the evil Veronica of the piece.
    After conferring with Mr. Google I knew it to be Sir Paul from "The Right Kind of Girl", page 168.

    "Well, Diana came to see me - I told you that - you spoke to her..."
    "Ah, Diana - of course. Latet anguis in herba!" murmured Sir Paul.

    Betty Anonymous

  10. Betty Anon., your YouTube link led to a very fun surfing of YouTube, from Sandra Bullock speaking fluent German to Charlize Theron speaking Afrikaan with a Dutch-speaking Belgian interviewer.

  11. Betty Lulu,
    Thanks for mentioning Charlize Theron speaking Afrikaans. I loved the very short clip from Piers Morgan Tonight where she says how she pronounces her name.
    Betty Anonymous

  12. Re: False Eyelashes
    Just skimmed 'Three for a Wedding', fits and starts, and it was the Fatal-Attraction-governess Maureen who tried to get between the Prof and Betty with her false eyelashes and hot sheaths. The Professor also clearly stated that the heroine deserves praise for getting ready in 30min and not needing false lashes. So, in short, puppy killing + extreme make-up = no ring.

    Re: Actors speaking languages other than English.
    Sandra's great, love that she retains her language! Have a thing about Michael Fassbender (largely because of his name). Couldn't believe how hot I found him when he was speaking Deutsch in X-men. It's a stretch but he could play a Dutch younger brother/inappropriate swain.
    Betty AnHK