Monday, April 23, 2012

The Betty Neels Collection

I'd like to promise that Betty Keira will post the reprise today of Victory for Victoria...but I'm not prone to making rash promises.  She just got home from a weekend at my house (sans kids) and now has to pay the piper, housekeeping wise.

Betty Keira picked up our sister, Betty Suzanne, from the airport on Friday then drove up to my place - leaving her family to fend for themselves.  We had a wonderful weekend, chock full of jewelry crafting, sewing, shopping and Bollywood watching.  Not to worry, Dear Reader, we didn't forget you.

I'd like to introduce something that I call, The Betty Neels Collection.  Several one-of-a-kind necklaces that were lovingly handcrafted by the Founding Bettys for a few lucky Bettys.
Photography is obviously NOT one of Betty Debbie's talents.
The Betty Neels Collection. From L-R: Fate is Remarkable, Never Say Goodbye (aka From Poland with Love), Ring in a Teacup, The Girl with Green Eyes (aka Lucy's Locket), Henrietta's Own Castle and Caroline's Waterloo. (Not shown: A Gem of a Girl).

We are planning ahead for May - The Great Betty Talent Show! Get out your paintbrushes, your knitting needles, your embroidery floss, your rhyming dictionaries...whatever and wherever your talent lies - we'd love to have you share it! Our only rule is that you should find some way to apply it to the World of Neels.

More details (and hopefully better pictures)to follow...