Saturday, April 7, 2012

Round One: Section Twelve Results, Section Thirteen Voting

It's Saturday morning.  Betty Keira makes her most handsome apologies.  Thanks to Netflix-streaming I was sucked into a Bollywood movie last night--Mujhse Dosti Karoge! (Will You Be My Friend)--which means that I have to keep busy reading the subtitles.  It was darling (though done in 2002 so you'll have to just put up with the Brittany Spears-ification of all the costumes) even if our hero, played by the three-thumbed (and incredibly H.O.T.!) Hrithik Roshan, suffers a second-act personality transplant that turns him from affable lover to tortured (and torturing) fiancee' of the wrong girl.  (Betty Debbie would wonder if Kareena Kapoor is ever the right girl but I digress...)  But back to Hrithik.  90% of his acting talent resides in his nose-flair but that's no reason not to love him.
I'm sorry....What was I saying?
Anyway, this week, I hope you'll forgive me for offering Cheesecake Bollywood-style or Why does Hollywood suck so bad?

On to Section Twelve Results!

Marrying Mary galloped past The Right Kind of Girl
Only by Chance beat out A Kiss For Julie (which is a little sad because I just love all the wardrobe re-working that goes on in that one)
The Vicar's Daughter pwnd A Christmas Proposal
The Mistletoe Kiss schooled The Daughter of the Manor
and (in our only seriously contested match-up)
The Fortunes of Francesca squeaked by Love Can Wait
Or maybe you prefer the thespian stylings of Shahid Kapoor?

And now on to Section Thirteen Voting:

Nanny By Chance vs. An Ideal Wife
A Winter Love Story vs. Discovering Daisy
An Innocent Bride vs. A Good Wife (that title pairing makes me laugh!)
A Christmas Romance vs. Making Sure of Sarah

But Shahrukh Kahn is the only one I could see operating in theatre and smouldering under his face mask...