Saturday, April 7, 2012

Round One: Section Twelve Results, Section Thirteen Voting

It's Saturday morning.  Betty Keira makes her most handsome apologies.  Thanks to Netflix-streaming I was sucked into a Bollywood movie last night--Mujhse Dosti Karoge! (Will You Be My Friend)--which means that I have to keep busy reading the subtitles.  It was darling (though done in 2002 so you'll have to just put up with the Brittany Spears-ification of all the costumes) even if our hero, played by the three-thumbed (and incredibly H.O.T.!) Hrithik Roshan, suffers a second-act personality transplant that turns him from affable lover to tortured (and torturing) fiancee' of the wrong girl.  (Betty Debbie would wonder if Kareena Kapoor is ever the right girl but I digress...)  But back to Hrithik.  90% of his acting talent resides in his nose-flair but that's no reason not to love him.
I'm sorry....What was I saying?
Anyway, this week, I hope you'll forgive me for offering Cheesecake Bollywood-style or Why does Hollywood suck so bad?

On to Section Twelve Results!

Marrying Mary galloped past The Right Kind of Girl
Only by Chance beat out A Kiss For Julie (which is a little sad because I just love all the wardrobe re-working that goes on in that one)
The Vicar's Daughter pwnd A Christmas Proposal
The Mistletoe Kiss schooled The Daughter of the Manor
and (in our only seriously contested match-up)
The Fortunes of Francesca squeaked by Love Can Wait
Or maybe you prefer the thespian stylings of Shahid Kapoor?

And now on to Section Thirteen Voting:

Nanny By Chance vs. An Ideal Wife
A Winter Love Story vs. Discovering Daisy
An Innocent Bride vs. A Good Wife (that title pairing makes me laugh!)
A Christmas Romance vs. Making Sure of Sarah

But Shahrukh Kahn is the only one I could see operating in theatre and smouldering under his face mask...


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh my, SRK!! (fans self...)

    And now to Betty Business:

    Nanny by Chance wins the coin toss, tho' I do enjoy Louisa's match-making efforts in Ideal Wife.
    Discovering Daisy--Canal-dunking!Mugging! Happy sighs...
    Good Wife
    Christmas Romance , but that was tough because I also like Sarah.

  2. An Ideal Wife. I like the "tights out the window" scene, but the rest of NoC is a bit of a retread.
    Discovering Daisy
    A Good Wife (although they're both a bit snoozy)
    Making Sure of Sarah. I love the books where the hero finds her at the local grocery store, stocking the shelves.

  3. *An Ideal Wife - I like Louisa's independence and her scheming.

    *Discovering Daisy - That horrible red dress.

    *An Innocent Bride - Thank heavens for Simon.

    *****A Christmas Romance - I cannot express how much I love this story. I'm not sure I can count high enough to tell you how many times I have read and re-read this. It's the first Betty I ever read. I picked up the book because I'm a sucker for Christmas stories, read it in the waiting room as my husband had outpatient surgery, and read it again when we went home. I love Theodosia and Hugo and the animals. It's a perfect story! Love it.

    Betty AnoninTX

  4. Happy Easter, everybetty! Were having a cold but glorious day! We went out for (midday) dinner. And afterwards, back at home, I found all the Easter eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden for me! And I have sampled a few. Yum!

    Ok. Here are the results of the German jury.
    Nanny by Chance The Netherlands twelve points, les Pays Bas douze point. United Kingdom ten points, le Royaume-Uni dix points. – Nannying twins. Yes. Those pain-in-the-neck parents. What a lot of action in such a slim volume! Mintie is my choice.
    Discovering Daisy The Netherlands twelve points, les Pays Bas douze point. United Kingdom eight points, le Royaume-Uni huit points. – I just ♥ Daisy. The way they meet at the hotel. Their walks on the beach. The famous canal dunking.
    A Good Wife I've just re-read this this week, and thought, again, how unfair life was for girls in Neelsdom. The "boys" (pompous twits) inherited twice substantially, and Serena got zilch from that nebulous distant great-aunt, and a measly 500 £ from her ungrateful uncaring sire. Bah. But I still like this book tons better than An Innocent Bride So: The Netherlands twelve points, les Pays Bas douze point. United Kingdom eight points, le Royaume-Uni huit points

    Only four pairings this time. And the last one is a tough one because I like them both. I really like Theodosia, a lot, but my vote goes to
    Making Sure of Sarah And that means: the Netherlands twelve points, les Pays Bas douze point, United Kingdom ten points, le Royaume-Uni dix points
    Betty Anonymous

    1. The Easter bunny hid the apostrophy that's missing in the first line of my comment. (We're still having a glorious day.) And all the Pays-Bas hyphens. Should you find them, they are inedible, they are merely for decoration. (So much for forgoing the preview button.)
      Vrolijk Pasen!

      Fijne Paasdagen!
      Betty Anonymous

  5. An Ideal Wife
    Discovering Daisy
    A Good Wife
    A Christmas Romance

    Betty Von Susie

  6. Ok, here we go!

    Nanny By Chance, but sadly, in part, because I don't like The Ideal Wife. Asleep against a tombstone?

    Discovering Daisy

    A Good Wife

    A Christmas Romance, although they were both sweet stories.

  7. Oh, and I can't begin a comment thread, but have all the Bettys notices that this blog is fast approaching 100,000 visits!! I'm tempted to log in and out several times just to get there!! Good show!!

    Betty Laurel

    1. And in my excitement and haste, that should be "noticed."

    2. I just mentioned that very thing (# of visits) to Dr. van der Stevejinck!

  8. An Ideal Wife squeaks by Nanny by Chance (love both!)
    Discovering Daisy (antiques, mugging, canal dunking, horrible red dress!)
    A Good Wife (bit of a toss-up)
    A Christmas Romance (another squeaker!)

  9. Replies
    1. 99,999 Betty Magdalen and I have a celebratory cup of Earl Grey steeping.......

      Betty von Susie

  10. I have come home from work so emotionally exhausted that I have fallen across my bed fully dressed, still clutching my keys, and fallen asleep - so I believe the tombstone thing. The girl has just weathered 181 pages of unrequited love, which as you know is the most tiring kind there is, even if you don't know you're in love.....

    Betty von Susie

  11. Sadly, I'm going by my increasingly dim memory of these, none of which appall or delight me. They're all pretty much okay... but I'll choose:

    An Ideal Wife - love the picnic
    A Winter Love Story - isn't this one of the ones where the heroine politely puts down the Veronica?
    An Innocent Bride - very much a toss-up, but I like how she saves the manor
    Making Sure of Sarah - very difficult decision, but Sarah wins for "malodorous"

  12. Nanny By Chance
    A Winter Love Story
    A Good Wife
    Making Sure of Sarah (my fav)

    1. I'm with you. I adore Making Sure of Sarah.

  13. Discovering Daisy.
    A Good Wife.

    A Winter Love Story was one of the most snooze-inducing Betty I've ever read! It was also one of the first, but luckily, I had read The Mistletoe Kiss first and was aware of how well BN can write.

  14. And we did it!!! Over 100,000! Congrats, founding Bettys for putting together an awesome blog!

  15. Time to open a bottle of something suitably bubbly...the best I can come up with right now would be some Alka-Seltzer.

    I'll settle for some chocolate instead. I've got 1/4 pan of German chocolate brownies that I'd love to share. Or not.

  16. 100,117 - and while I'm looking at the As The World Turns widget, I notice that there's me (Kingsley, PA), someone in Lynchburg, VA, Marysville, WA (that's a Founding Betty, right?) and Cairo, Egypt.

    You have a great site, Bettys, and let's all toast The Great Betty, because without her, we wouldn't be here.

  17. via email:

    Nanny By Chance
    Discovering Daisy-Love the antique dealing family, such an interesting metaphor
    A Good Wife
    Making Sure of Sarah--Love the male POV

    -Betty Adrianne