Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round One: Section Eleven Results, Section Twelve Voting

Betty Mary, feeling the need for an emergency TUJD Cheesecake-iotomy, performed a brave transplant under harrowing conditions (think blue hats and Bosnia) of 'Young Mark Harmon'.
Results for Section Eleven:
A Girl in a Million creamed The Proposal
Dearest Mary Jane beat Waiting for Deborah (that was a tough one for many of us)
A Secret Infatuation decimated A Christmas Wish
Fate Takes a Hand triumphed over Wedding Bells for Beatrice
Dearest Love rolled over The Bachelor's Wedding (no votes)
Had Betty Mary's transplant proved unworkable, able Theatre Sister Betty Keira was ready to hand over the forceps loaded with 'Aging Mark Harmon'

Section Twelve voting:

The Right Kind of Girl vs. Marrying Mary
Only By Chance vs. A Kiss For Julie
The Vicar's Daughter vs. A Christmas Proposal
The Daughter of the Manor vs. The Mistletoe Kiss
Love Can Wait vs. The Fortunes of Francesca

Betty Mary, a cool-headed cheesecake surgeon, never traveled without a couple of back-ups.  If either Mark Harmon took a tumble onto the Theatre floor, Tim Daly would do just as well...


  1. 'ere now! Wha' do you mean "The Bachelor's Wedding (no votes)"? One Vote!!! Mine.

    Marrying Mary though I love TRKoG
    Only by Chance
    The Vicar's Daughter Unfortunately, Bertha cannot compete.
    The Mistletoe Kiss
    The Fortunes of Francesca
    Betty Anonymous

    1. Meep! And you were the first vote! My pencil mark was too faint when I looked back over the votes to see it there. (Had to resharpen half-way through, if I remember correctly.) The Bachelor's Wedding does now NOT have to join that sadly elite collection that have to do the walk of shame out of the competition. (At Odds With Love, I'm looking at you...)

  2. Betty Barbara here--
    Well, there's one real easy one and 4 that I'm going to have to think about. Hmmmm.....
    and wouldn't you know, the first is a toughie--but I'll go with Marrying Mary (her mother drove me crazy but I loved! Fred)
    And now an easier one --Only by Chance
    Vicar's Daughter
    Mistletoe Kiss--one of my top 10 Neels--I just love this book!
    and another really tough one at the end (insert deep thinking here)Love Can Wait. Though I do like Francesca,too--just not as much.

    Betty Keira--you were obviously blinded by the dazzling good looks of Betty Mary's offerings when you did your vote tally. I sure remember Betty Anonymous voting for Bachelor's Wedding.....

  3. Another round of less read, less memorable reads for me, with notable moments of exception, including the awfulest line in all Neelsdom,

    "Diana is worth a dozen of you." Boo, hiss, throw tomatoes, bang the oven door! Marrying Mary just for that alone! (But I do like Marrying Mary.)

    Only by Chance

    The Vicar's Daughter

    The Mistletoe Kiss

    The Fortunes of Francesca although I loved the review of Love Can Wait!!!!

  4. Betty Cindy,
    "Diana is worth a dozen of you."..."Marrying Mary just for that alone!" You did mean The Right Kind of Girl, didn't you?
    Betty Anonymous

    1. No, wait, Betty Cindy is Silly...Ma? Sorry.

    2. Well, I didn't make that very clear. I REJECT The Right Kind of Girl for that statement. No RDD would ever say that! My choice is Marrying Mary.

    3. Now I get it. Marrying Mary just for that alone! (But I do like Marrying Mary.) I thought there was a contradiction. Now I see what you mean. My brain's not quite up to par these days - flu and no RDD with panadol and nourishing food at hand. Sigh. Cough,cough. But, before I start feeling sorry for myself I had better mention that I'm over at my parents' home and I just had a lovely bowl of my mom's chicken fricassée with potatoes (not "tiny new" ones but a very tasty variety). And "for dessert" I had a couple of candied ginger sticks. (Said to have all kinds of healing powers.) I'm feeling a wee bit better already.
      Betty Anonymous

  5. Awww, did you have to edit Tim in his cowboy duds?
    If you haven't seen him in the Outsider, definitely find that one in your Net Flikers! It's like Witness meets High Noon based on the book (which I loved) by Penelope Williamson. (

  6. Marrying Mary for Mrs. Pagett's artwork
    Only By Chance for all that Henrietta endures with stoical commonsense
    A Christmas Proposal for Bertha's bravery and the blessed relief that no lovely, kind, loving parents were murdered violently in the making of this novella.
    The Daughter of the Manor because I remember a lot more about it than I do The MK
    Love Can Wait for Norway and b/c I think Francesca Bowen almost sociopathically rude.

  7. *Marrying Mary - It's been a a while since I've read these but I remember I like it.

    *****Only by Chance - I absolutely adore this one!!! This is #5 on my favorite Betty list. Love Henrietta. Bless her heart. What a hard life! Love Dickens and Ollie. Love Adam and how he helps her and how he is head over heels before he knows it. Such a good one.

    *Vicar's Daughter - Crying over the cradle... So moving.

    *****The Mistletoe Kiss - #6 on my favorite list! Love Emmy and Ruerd. The kiss under the mistletoe and the beach scene both give me goosebumps. Love it.

    *Love Can Wait - I'd rather marry James than cook! Good for Kate.

    Betty AnoninTX

  8. Betty Debbie is stealthily stealing a few moments to vote...using Dr. van der Stevejinck's computer because HER computer decided that it didn't like to travel so it DIED (12 days after the warranty expired!!!).

    Marrying Mary - her mother may be weird...er, whimsical, but she actually works!
    Only by Chance - love her visits to the seaside
    The Vicar's Daughter -I do like A Christmas Proposal quite well, just not quite as well
    The Mistletoe Kiss - one of the first Neels I ever read. Love it.
    The Fortunes of Francesca - I like the little family unit - complete with a brother who actually gets a decent-ish word count.

  9. Marrying Mary is worth a dozen The Right Kind of Girl(s).
    Only by Chance overcomes A Kiss for Julie
    The Vicar's Daughter vanquishes A Christmas Proposal
    The Mistletoe Kiss mangles The Ditzy Daughter of the Manor, and
    The Fortunes of Francesca freeze out Love Can Wait.

    Betty von Susie

  10. I gotta get this in super-quick before Betty Keira romps on to Round One, Section Four-Point-Twenty-Seven-Dash-Eight-Asterisk-Base-Twelve.

    Marrying Mary. Nothing will redeem the TRKOG howler.
    Only By Chance (although these two are nearly interchangeable)
    The Vicar's Daughter
    The Mistletoe Kiss (I ♥ the Telephonist!)
    The Fortunes of Francesca (even though I usually like the cooking ones)

    Done! How'd I do? Am I in time? Hunh?