Friday, March 16, 2012

Round One: Section Six Results, Section Seven Voting

Meep!  Sorry to post this so late!  I babysat the world today with an aplomb not unlike a Brit nurse in the middle of a bomb scare.  But it did leave precious little time for extracurricular activities. On to the results!
Betty Keira, shamelessly attempts to hide her sloth behind a bit of cheesecake.

Not Once But Twice walked all over The Silver Thaw (who didn't have two good legs to stand on)
An Apple From Eve sauced up Heaven Around the Corner (who liked the liquor, or so we hear)
A Girl to Love clocked Judith
A Dream Came True  flummoxed All Else Confusion (who sounds like she has a problem with that sort of thing)
Midsummer Star told Roses and Champagne to take a Greece.
"I'm Guy.  I'm here to audition for the part of the feckless younger brother..."

And Now for Section Seven--which I think is a stronger field, I think, than the last:

Never Say Goodbye vs. Never Too Late
Once For All Time vs. Year's Happy Ending
Polly vs. Heidelberg Wedding
At the End of the Day vs. A Summer Idyll
Magic in Vienna vs. Never the Time and the Place