Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Round One: Section Five Results, Section Six Voting

I've been really having a lot of fun reading your voting comments.  It reminds me of a game we at La Casa van Voorhees sometimes play during dinner, 'Would You Rather' (for example:  Would you rather lose a leg or a hand?  Would you rather be blind or deaf?  Would you rather save Caroline's Waterloo or When May Follows if your house burned down...).  So here are the results:

Ring in a Teacup tossed Philomena's Miracle over a hedge.
The Promise of Happiness (or Becky and the Baron, the hot, hot Baron) throttled Sun and Candlelight
Winter Wedding flummoxed Midnight Sun's Magic
Hannah whacked Last April Fair
Caroline's Waterloo poleaxed When May Follows
Perhaps it was unseemly but Agnes was going to do a victory dance for Winter Wedding if it landed her in traction.

So, here are the match-ups for Section Six (which sounds like the title of a great dystopian novel...):

The Silver Thaw vs. Not Once But Twice
An Apple From Eve vs. Heaven Round the Corner
Judith vs. A Girl to Love
All Else Confusion vs. A Dream Came True
Midsummer Star vs. Roses and Champagne
Votes for Betty! "You know how the cause infuriates Mr. Banks..."

Happy Voting Sister Suffragettes!


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Okay, there were some tough ones here, starting with the first two titles:
    Not Once but Twice (tho' Duart and Chrissy deserved a much better story, but I really disliked Silver Thaw)
    An Apple from Eve (Heaven Around the Corner--ugh!)
    A Girl to Love (he's a script writer! who wants quiet!!)
    A Dream Come True(helicopter rescue! Yay!!)
    Midsummer Star

  2. Both Silver and Not Once should lose. I refuse to vote for either.
    Apple in a jaunty walk. Euphemia! Spain! gas main explosions! plus Heaven's take on alcoholism gives me a headache
    A Girl to Love!! though I like Judith, I love both Sadie and Oliver and his little girls and our happy village Christmas and...
    A Dream Came True - love the blizzard in Scotland, and Lady whatsit finally stiffening the upper lip
    Midsummer Star for Celine's gumption in starting a family business and then taking on the East End despite broken heart and deep distress and humiliation via lying snake Nicky. Plus the plot-device courting & engagement in Roses and C is too bizarre.

  3. Not Once But Twice (on the strength of later cross-overs by the main characters)
    Heaven Around the Corner (I'm pretty sure I'll be alone on this one, but I do love engineers)
    A Girl to Love (Sadie is fantastic!)
    A Dream Came True (Rescue by Helicopter!)
    Midsummer Star (slight edge because Celine single-handedly saves her family from financial ruin)

  4. A Girl to Love

    I loooovvvveeeee Sadie!

    I think she was one of my first books I read on BN.
    She fascinates me.
    She is soooo hard-working in keeping the house unlike some of us...hint hint.
    She gets up in a freezing house to go to the basement? and put fire in the boiler so there will be hot water later for her bath and his. She must be freezing when she gets out of bed every morning.
    Then she starts a hot breakfast. And I wonder if she needed to heat up the Aga, or the Aga was warm enough (from whatever she put in it to keep it hot) from the night before?
    I love the decoration and the design of the house and have done many versions of said house and wish that BN did a diagram on the side, or something. It would have been nice. Like they do for who-done-its. Design-wise, I've tried to figure out the square footage of the living room and where to put the big tree and the big table for all of them including Miss Bad Governess. Then I tried to figure out where to put the hallway the front door (which doesn't face the street) and the stairs so that it was clear in my head as it was in BN's. Then I tried to add the four small bedrooms upstairs as well and one bath for Miss BG to complain about. Sigh. Such scorching fun!
    Betty Francesca

  5. My goodness. My book brain is failing me tonight. I had to read the reviews and pull down the books to scan before I could vote on a few of these tonight! Obviously some of these are not my readoverandoveruntilthepagesfallout ones.

    *Not Once but Twice - I really like Chrissy and Duert. I can't stand Adam. Love the smooching on the beach at the end. But... I do like The Silver Thaw! It's Norway!

    *An Apple from Eve - Euphemia has spirit. Here, hold this apple core. I can't even vote for Norway in Heaven around the Corner. Claudia. Ugh.

    *A Girl to Love - I *love* Sophie! I love how she makes the girls (and Oliver) so happy. I do like Judith too.

    *A Dream Came True - The name Jemima. Companion, not nurse. Cat rescue. Blizzard rescue. Poky room above a post office/store. A good one. And... All Else Confusion ranks only one spot above that HM book for me.

    *Midsummer Star - I had to read the reviews and scan both books because neither stood out in my mind. I say Midsummer Star because I like Celine the hard worker and Oliver but couldn't stand the slimy Nicky. I don't even remember reading Roses and Champagne! ha I know I did. Oh well. I think I need to read both of these again.

    Betty AnoninTX

    1. Replying to myself yet again: Sadie, not Sophie. Must quit rushing my voting during hockey game intermissions... You all knew who I meant! ha

      Betty AnoninTX

  6. I'm pretty much in agreement here.
    Not once but Twice
    An Apple from Eve (Heaven Around is my least fav Betty)
    A Girl to Love
    A Dream Came True
    Midsummer Star

  7. Here we go again. Betty Janet here. Here are the choices:
    The Silver Thaw vs. Not Once But Twice
    An Apple From Eve vs. Heaven Round the Corner
    Judith vs. A Girl to Love
    All Else Confusion vs. A Dream Came True
    Midsummer Star vs. Roses and Champagne

    And I pick: Not Once But Twice, Heaven Round the Corner, Judith, All Else Confusion and Roses and Champagne.

    Thanks again!

  8. Not Once But Twice
    An Apple From Eve
    A Girl to Love
    A Dream Came True
    Midsummer Star

    I do not like sisters/brothers/cousins as romantic rivals for our heroines/heros. Smacks of incest. How many Hapsburg jaws, hemophiliacs, and Juana la Loca's do there need to be to erase this bad bad idea once and for all?

    Betty von Susie

  9. Not Once but Twice
    Heaven Round the Corner (wasn't my fav but better than snobby Euphemia)
    A Girl to Love
    (can't vote)
    Midsummer Star

  10. via email:

    Thank you for posting my votes this round:

    Silver Thaw squeaks by Not Once But Twice-both are improbable but enjoyable.
    An Apple From Eve-That everyone but the heroine knows about the alcoholism ruins Heaven Around the Corner.
    Judith squeaks by Girl to Love-I'm not keen on either one.
    A Dream Came True-Love it!
    Midsummer Star-I adore all the to-ing and fro-ing for their customers

    There are my votes, squeaking and keen as they are.

    The Opal Lady

  11. I'm afraid most of these books have left an indelible blank on my mind. Will research and vote later.

    Betty Magdalen

    P.S. Yes, that's right, I don't even remember Sadie.

  12. sob

    (Betty Francesca)

  13. Thought it was difficult this time, when I read the first pair. But it was actually quite easy. And although I ♥ The Silver Thaw my vote goes to
    Not Once But Twice because I ♥ it even better.
    An Apple from Eve Dear "Little Phemie."
    Judith I like the part at the museum where she yawns and he is offended and walks off in a huff, and she falls asleep and when she wakes up he is there reading a paper
    All Else Confusion
    Roses and Champagne
    Betty Anonymous

  14. Not once but twice.
    An Apple from Eve.
    A Girl to Love (can't stand Judith actually)
    A Dream came true (loved Alexander)
    It's a toss-up between Midsummer star and Roses & Champagne but if I have to choose, I will go for Midsummer Star.

  15. The Silver Thaw (I hate the brothers, even if I would like Duert better under other circumstances, e.g., he was an only child)
    I abstain from the second pairing as I dislike both books heartily.
    A Girl To Love (now that I know it's *that* book, i.e., the one with the almost-if-you-squint-a-bit-realistic hero)
    All Else Confusion (I like it; it's different, although the title is definitely straight out of the Interchangeable Neels Title bin)
    Midsummer Star