Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, March 12th.
Wedding Bells for Beatrice
Foreign exchange job, seven year-old used as bait for a MOC, Beatrice is carried across the threshold.


  1. Betty Barbara here-
    Cute book but the cover just creeps me out! Just look at the expression on his face! It looks like he has unspeakable plans for the little blond moppet. Ick! Of course the bride's simpering "oh, isn't she sweet?" expression isn't a whole lot better. This is one where I wish I had the generic vague landscape reprint cover edition.

  2. He looks Cary Grantish to me.

    1. Betty Barbara here--
      Hmm, never saw him as Cary Grant--but definitely as George Hamilton!LOL
      And the artist got her dress all wrong-Beatrice's wedding dress is described as very sleek,with no frills or bows! However, his daughter did wear pink-if that's who the cover moppet is supposed to be.

  3. Google Cary Grant, then click images. 7th row, 2nd photo from left. :-)