Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Round One: Section Nine Results, Section Ten Voting

So, today I thought you might like to see the voting numbers.  (Some of them have more votes than others as some of the Bettys abstained due to being Lesser Bettys...I KID! Pax! hahahaha):

Betty Keira considered very carefully how many tears it would take to get a whole day with cocoa, Pinterest, the waffle iron and An Old-Fashioned Girl...
The Fateful Bargain (6) beats No Need to Say Goodbye (3)
The Chain of Destiny (6) beats Hilltop Tryst (3)
The Convenient Wife (6) beats A Suitable Match (3)
Roses Have Thorns (8) beats The Girl With Green Eyes (0)
The Final Touch (6) beats The Most Marvelous Summer (2)
Now is as good a time as any to confess my burning passion for Max von Sydow...

Now for Section Ten Voting!

A Kind of Magic vs. A Little Moonlight
An Unlikely Romance vs. Romantic Encounter
A Happy Meeting vs. The Quiet Professor
An Old-Fashioned Girl vs. The Awakened Heart
A Valentine for Daisy vs. At Odds with Love


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    I guess Betty Magdalen slept in.

    I know I've read all these books, but after a while the titles all start looking alike.

    A Little Moonlight gets my vote as that Scottish book just annoys me.
    Romantic Encounter over Beatrice and the Endocrinologist
    oh dear, oh dear--a coin toss--and the winner is Happy Meeting
    Old Fashioned Girl is one of my favorites
    and finally
    A Valentine for Daisy another favorite. But I also like At Odds with Love--just not quite as much.

  2. A Little Moonlight
    An Unlikely Romance
    The Quiet Professor
    An Old-Fashioned Girl
    a Valentine for Daisy
    Betty Anonymous

  3. A Kind of Magic vs. A Little Moonlight
    An Unlikely Romance vs. Romantic Encounter
    A Happy Meeting vs. The Quiet Professor
    An Old-Fashioned Girl vs. The Awakened Heart
    A Valentine for Daisy vs. At Odds with Love

    So here are my choices -- I think I'll go with:
    A Little Moonlight
    An Unlikely Romance
    A Happy Meeting
    An Old Fashioned Girl
    A Valentine for Daisy

    Betty Janet

  4. *A Little Moonlight - Like this one a lot even though it has one of *those* mothers in it. Like Serena and Marc.

    *Romantic Encounter - One of my favorites. Love Florence and Alexander. Like the knickers showing after the wreck rescue! ha Also really like An Unlikely Romance too, though.

    *The Quiet Professor - Have always liked this one, although I wish Melanie was a friend instead of a sister! Jake was definitely a better catch than Oscar! (reprint coming out in June if anyone needs a new copy)

    *An Old-Fashioned Girl - Love Patience, her tiny wardrobe, the snow. Also like The Awakened Heart (I call it the shoe book) though.

    *A Valentine for Daisy - Love Daisy and her skirt made out of a curtain. Like how Daisy goes to work at the hospital. Like Maisie and the illness part of the plot. Love the mob scene and how Daisy was going to throw a bottle of Dettol to stop a mob!

    Betty AnoninTX

  5. Aaaaghh! I can't vote at all! What kind of Betty am I?

    Betty AnoninTX, I did go to eBay but all the lots had at least one book that I already own. :(

    1. When I first started buying book lots off eBay, I would end up with doubles too. Maybe you could exchange the extras with another Betty? I wish I would have kept my extra Betty books to pass on to people who needed those titles. I took them to my local Friends of the Library donation box for their annual sale.

      Betty AnoninTX

    2. Betty Barbara here--
      Hi Betty Lulu-- in regards to those duplicates in the e-bay lots, I agree with Betty AnoninTX. Don't let it stop you! Who knows? the duplicate copy maybe in better condition than the one you already have!

  6. A Little Moonlight -- Mum the Martyr bothers me less than when the RSD intentionally or negligently lets the heroine think he's dating another woman.

    Romantic Encounter -- I don't have much of a reason, I just like it. And I don't like Andre-the-Giant-Snake-in-the-grass

    Sorry, was there a third match-up? Both books have the substance of those ultra-thin, virtually-transparent soba noodles in Japanese soup. I abstain.

    An Old-Fashioned Girl, although both books have flaws and nice bits in nearly equal measure.

    A Valentine for Daisy Here's the unfairness of not having a seeding system. I would happily vote for At Odds with Love over either of the Soba Noodle books, but that's not allowed. And A Valentine for Daisy beats At Odds with Love hands down.