Thursday, June 23, 2011

You May Already Be A Winner...

999 times, Mrs. Bueller...
Whew!  999 posts!  But you have to say it like Ferris Bueller's Ed Rooney reporting school absences with fiendish glee and over-enunciation.  ("Nine times.")

I didn't know, when I signed up for this gig, that breaking a thousand was in the cards.  I very likely would have chucked a patent-leather court shoe at Betty Debbie, stuffed all my uncrushable jersey dresses into handy plastic bags and taken myself and my well-named cat off to well-bred poverty.  I think we can all be glad THAT didn't happen.

Also this week (well, every week on Wednesday night) I worked on genealogy with my mother-in-law.  We had a bit of a breakthrough last night and the upshot is that there is a VERY good chance the Founding Bettys are Dutch (alas, south Holland is nowhere near Friesland but let's cross our fingers that all the copious documentation bears out!) through our father's mother's side (the very same Betty Helen that sat for so long in nurse garb on the margins of TUJD).  Even better, one of the surnames was...(wait in delicious anticipation for it)...Lieveling!  Truly the Betty from the Great Beyond was smiling upon me.  I can't think of a better payoff for 999 posts!

Thanks for the fun fellow Bettys!


  1. Gefeliciteerd!
    What a cool discovery. You could be related to a Dutch nurse!
    Now if you can prove you are related to Capt. John Luther (and me), you'll also have a relation who is English! No kidding. They already knew he came from Dorset, England and now they've found his DNA goes back before the Romans. (And for years we thought we were German!)
    Recent deep clade testing of the Capt. John Luther line has resulted in a postive L161 test which places the lineage into the Isles B1 subclade. This was a very early group to inhabit the British Isles after the last glacier receded.

  2. I'm Dutch on my father's mother's side as well -- or so I've been led to believe. She was Alice Sebring, which is supposed to be an Anglicized version of Seebrunk.

    Unfortunately, that's the side of my family I know nothing about. :-(

  3. Now that's just pretty darn awesome!