Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bettyday Greetings from Scotland

Via email:

Dear Founding Bettys --

It’s only just past midnight in the Pacific Northwest (8 a.m. here) so may I be the first to wish you a happy BettysDay 2011?

We’re in a country house hotel outside St. Andrew’s, in the Kingdom of Fife (the only bit of Scotland allowed to call itself a kingdom, although I still don’t know why). Alas, I don’t believe this part of Scotland (the East Coast) shows up much in The Canon, but just yesterday, Betty Ross commented on whether his doing all the driving made me feel like a Neels heroine. (Not really, was the answer.) We then had a fun conversation discussing – okay, I just lectured him – all the trips The Great Betty must have taken in her lifetime.

In honor of her 101 birthday, I wish all the Bettys in all the time zones a very happy BettysDay!

Love & a cream tea --
Betty Magdalen

Dear Betty Magdalen,

Scotland?  You're killing us. 

There are a few books in The Canon wherein the heroine spends some time in Edinburg, and RDD's are always heading up there to lecture...

Happy Bettysday to all!
The Founding Bettys


  1. Which brings up the subject of who drives in your house. Mijnheer van Voorhees always drives when we're together but it's because he likes to and I don't really care either way and, plus, when I drive him it's usually because I had to pick him up somewhere and he's late and I'm mad at him so I'm a scootch agressive and a late braker. Drives him nuts!

    I only drive otherwise when I'm feeling dodgy--yes. I'm a grown woman who gets car-sick.

  2. Happy belated Betty's Day to you, too, Betty Magdalen!