Friday, September 16, 2011

Bettysday with Betty Barbara

Dear Betty Debbie

Well, I couldn't actually call these pictures Betty in the Wild, now could I? Not with them being taken on Bettysday at the elegant Tea on the Tiber ( in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Betty Margaret and I had decided in early Sept that having tea here would be a most proper way of celebrating Bettysday. Little did we anticipate that the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee would dump 8 inches of rain on our area and result in flooding in Ellicott City. Fortunately for all, Tea on the Tiber wasn't damaged beyond water in the basement and so we were able to partake in a most delicious tea. As you can see, the tea stand was loaded with scones, elegant little savory sandwiches and finished with big slices of frosted carrot cake, small shortbread biscuits and chocolate dipped strawberries. We each got our own pot of tea to fill our china tea cups.

A fine time was had by both of us and we staggered (in a very ladylike manner) quite satisfied, back to the car(the town Mini-cleverly disguised as a Saturn sedan) and then home.

Betty Barbara

Dear Betty Barbara,

Good for you and Betty Margaret! Dr. van der Stevejinck and I have to run down to Seattle today - I'm thinking a stop at The Crumpet Shop might be in order - right before heading over to Pike Place Market to buy flowers.

I should have put a warning label on this post : Do not look at pictures on an empty stomach! (It all looks too scrumptious!).

Love and lardy cakes,

Betty Debbie


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    I apologize for the slightly out of focus first picture. And, FYI, I titled my e-mail to the Founding Bettys "Betty in Her Proper Setting".

    The waitresses wore black with frilly while aprons. One of the ladies at the next table was certainly in the correct mode-she was wearing the cutest frilly fascinator perched on her pretty head.

  2. Oops. Sorry I missed the title. It's much better than what I put up.

  3. Thanks for the pictures, Betty Barbara. They look divine. They remind me of this B&B here in NW NJ where my good friends will be the new innkeeper next month:
    Check out the "Red Hat Belles Luncheon"!

  4. A little late - I was digesting tea cakes - but I can confirm Betty Barbara's enthusiasm for the teahouse and the goodies we were served.

    Sadly, I can also confirm the ladylike staggering (with a side of moaning about how much we ate) that took place going back to the car.

    Betty Margaret