Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Is War.

Drop. The. Puck. Ref.
I don't know as we've ever formalized the terms of the battle.  Yes, there have been 'sorties and surprises', ambushes, minor skirmishes, strafings and sniper attacks.  But a head-on fight, such as that of a fully operational Death Star versus a small but plucky band of determined Rebels?  No.

And though we amiable Bettys rub along well enough--like a band of Pilgrims and Indians enjoying a Thanksgiving feast--we know it's there.  Under the surface.  The knowledge that tomahawks and flint locks are not far at hand should the final reckoning come.
Mistress Goode Mindwell handed over the bread with a winning smile but couldn't help herself.  'Olivia' she growled.  Chief  Six Feathers of the Wampanoag thought 'That's torn it' and threw down his tomahawk with a cry of 'Araminta!'  Next year, Thanksgiving was going to be awk. ward.
I know we all have them.  Our favorite books, our favorite themes, our favorite characters...And it's time to roll your sleeves up and show your ill-advised Betty tats.

Which team are you?  Araminta or Olivia?