Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, November 26th.
The Magic of Living
Stammering, spastics (yes, it's that book), kidnapping!


  1. Good-looking cousin weasling out of going on the trip with the children because she fancies a married man.
    Shirley makes a good cuppa.
    Pretending to be asleep in the car.
    Making toast by the fire in Nanny's room.

  2. Back in the day, my brother who had cerebral palsy went to a boarding school called The Wilfred Pickles School For Spastics and there was a charity called The Spastics Society. Loved this book too.

    1. That "Pickles" makes it all so very much more delicious. Of course, "spastic" started out as a simple descriptive of the muscle spasms that are a symptom of CP. The word became an insult. Calvin Trillin has a funny essay about wanting to change the name "gout" to "Dr. Johnson's Disease" because he doesn't like the connotations of age and over-indulgence attached to the former, and thinks the latter would give the (very painful) ailment a more dignified standing in public opinion.