Monday, December 17, 2012

Love in Reality

I'm always happy to share happy news.  Here's the latest happy news from Betty Magdalen (via email):

To my fellow Bettys:

My first single title contemporary, Love in Reality, is live at
Amazon  and Barnes & Noble. Here's a blurb:
TV producer Rand casts a confident bartender, Lissa, as a ditzy reality show contestant, not realizing she’s actually Lissa’s law student twin, Libby. Life in The Fishbowl encourages scheming, but as Rand and Libby fall in love, they have to be honest with themselves—and each other.
Love in Reality starts The Blackjack Quartet. Book 3 of that series, Blackjack & Moonlight, was the Golden Heart finalist this year. 
Love in Reality
 Now, I know what some of you might want to know. How much touring of Brighton is there in this book? Well, yes, the hero and heroine do make very quick trips to Brighton, but it’s at the more discreet end of the “Brighton Tours Ltd.” services spectrum. And those two scenes could be skipped. (Sadly, Brighton plays rather more of a role in the subsequent books in The Blackjack Quartet series. Just keeping it real.)