Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Welcome!

Oops, I forgot to post this. My apologies to Betty Caroline. We had international emails two days in a row!

Dear Betty's,

I have just recently come across you web site after I googled one of my all time fav reads - Caroline's Waterloo (slacking off in work no less eck!).

I have to say I completely love it! Who knew there would be a web site dedicated to Betty Neels!

I started reading Betty Neels when I was about 18 - resulting in a bit of a Dutch Doctor infatuation if I am honest! and now at 31 it is all coming back!

I kept a few odd favourites scattered around, but after reading your book reviews I sent my partner up the loft to bring down my boxed up entire Neels collection. And I am loving re-reading them all.

Thanks very much for rekindling my love for the Betty!

Caroline McC*****
(from Scotland)

p.s. The only Betty Neels I can't read is A Match for Sister Maggy as Betty Neels take on Scottish slang slightly cringes me out!

Dear Betty Caroline,

First of all, I don't blame you a bit for loving Caroline's Waterloo - not only is it my favorite Neels - you also share a name (which makes me wish I liked Waiting for Deborah just as well, it's a fine offering by La Neels, but it's no Caroline's Waterloo)...
Second of all, Scotland!?! I don't blame you a bit for not being able to enjoy mangled Scottish slang (Can you read Tangled Autumn without cringing?). 

Welcome to the party.

Love and lardy cakes,
Betty Debbie


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Welcome to Betty Caroline!
    We are all glad you found us. Don't be shy!
    We may argue amongst ourselves (in a genteel fashion, of course), but we are never mean.

  2. Why does that make me think of the lines in HMS Pinafore?:

    ...And I'm never, never sick at sea! Chorus. What, never? Captain. No, never! Chorus. What, never? Captain. Hardly ever!

  3. Welcome Betty Caroline!!! How wonderful to have you join us! Caroline's Waterloo is one of my favorite reads too!