Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Summer Wedding - Part IV

Do you want more wedding pictures? Yes? No? Either way, here you go:

Dr. van der Stevejinck's brother (left of bride) officiated. The arbor was moved (temporarily) over to the corner of the yard by an apple tree.  I didn't mention to the bride and groom that behind the apple tree was what I call 'the island of misfit plants' - plants that were in large black plastic nursery planters - in need of being planted, but not pretty enough right now to put out for the wedding. You can't see them in this picture, so we're probably good.
We had three little girls (ages 7-11) who created a ton of tissue flowers - and then placed them around the patio.  I drew the line at using them on the tables.  I really like them in the arborvitae - I wouldn't have thought to put them there myself. The chair by the cake table was for a cake guardian - so the kids running around wouldn't tip it over.  Betty Marcy decorated the cake - with a little help from the three aforementioned girls.
Dinner was served buffet style.  Betty Sherri created the menu and made (or oversaw) most of the food. The fabulous food. I'll save the menu/food for another post.