Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anatomy of a Crazy Summer

I've been pleading busy-ness all summer - just thought I'd give everyone here at TUJD a taste of summer at Casa van der Stevejinck.
It all started back in May...we got a quote on some cement work and did a little of the prep work ourselves.
Dr. van der Stevejinck, our youngest son (age 17) and I demolished the upstairs deck. 
June 21st - CEMENT!  I felt like this step took forever.  Little did I realize...
Since the back deck was going to be new, it seemed logical to replace the front deck at the same time. Logical?
This seems to be a metaphor for my life.
July 15th. While on vacation we hired a guy to help us get started on the deck. We were thrilled to come home and see the bones of a new deck raising from the ashes. So to speak. 
August 4th. Much of the decking is in place...but not all.  The stairs are sort of getting done-ish.
The front deck is mostly done-ish. Not quite.  Again...metaphor for life...
August 7th. I've left out all the landscaping that we've done. Or rather, mostly done.
Our lovely patio looks like a loading dock for Home Depot.
Railings are started. The lumber at the bottom of the stairs is the arbor. Or rather, will be the arbor.  The arbor that my eldest plans to be married under.  This Saturday.  THIS. SATURDAY.
There you have it.  Except for the week in July when we went on vacation, it's been non-stop digging, weeding, planting, demolishing, nailing, wedding planning, and endless trips to the lumber store (Dr. van der Stevejinck is there RIGHT NOW!!!). Our deck guy got us off to a great start, but since then has only shown up sporadically - leaving all the finishing up work to us - which is fine - except that we have a wedding here in (pause while I count...) 4 days. 

Betty Keira may possibly be spending Friday on top of the arbor with a nail gun. And she'll like it.


  1. Wow! It all looks fabulous! Know you will be glad when that last nail goes in. Remodeling is such a pain, even if it is outside. :-) Good luck with the wedding!

    Betty AnoninTX

  2. I will like it. Possibly because I'll be spending a weekend away from Teile van Voorhees the Recalcitrant Potty-training Toddler. My own life has it's own metaphors for disaster. Unfortunately, no one would appreciate seeing the photographic proof. ;0)

  3. Potty training a reluctant 3 y.old or putting on a wedding.
    Having done both single-handedly with the same girl, I'd have to say that I enjoyed the wedding gig much more!

  4. That is quite a splendid back garden!

    1. Splendid indeed! Betty Debbie, what a lot of seemingly endless work!!! I am in awe.
      Aren't you glad, Betty Helene, that you were not involved in all the planning, dismanteling, constructing, digging and planting? I feel faint just reading about it and looking at the pictures.

    2. Betty Anonymous,

      I agree whole heartedly! While I excell in destruction, my construction abilties leave much to be desired! I dream of the day that the now defunct Ground Force will come to my door ;).
      All of that work...and a wedding! I do not envy Debbie Betty all that work and worry!

      Betty Helene

  5. Betty Debbie,

    Please let us know about the wedding, especially any memorable hats!

    Betty Helene

  6. My very best wishes to the Hanna and van der Stevejink families and their many appendages on this joyous day. May bride and groom and all they love live very happily -- ever after.


  7. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.