Monday, August 13, 2012

A Summer Wedding. Part II

...and spoiler alert!  Careful reading of the last caption will reveal some exciting news!!
With the construction winding down, it was time to tart up the flower beds...with bark.  I've always just called it 'bark', but I have a friend who calls it 'beauty bark'.  I normally don't use it much, but for the sake of good looking flower beds (and disguising a few areas of dirt that haven't been seeded with grass yet - due to construction), we piled it on.  Unfortunately Dr. van der Stevejinck had overestimated how much we needed, but we were able to gift it to our neighbors, so all was well.

On Friday morning (wedding day, minus one), a few of us early risers drove up Mountain Loop Highway and took a short (2 miles total) hike up to the ice caves. It was a beautiful morning and a great way to take our minds off of wedding planning for a bit. (L to R: Bettys Tia, Keira, Sherri, Marcy, Stephanie, and down in front, Betty Keira's daughter, Laura)

If you read A Summer Wedding...Part I, you would have seen an arbor over by the deck. Same arbor, but the bride and groom wanted a different orientation.  Luckily it only took one power tool and a few men (of which we had an abundance), to temporarily move the arbor to the desired location. I left my son-in-law and brother in charge of tarting up the arbor, with Betty Keira (shown ironing) as creative consultant. Dr. van der Stevejinck seems a little at a loss as to what to do.

The weather was lovely - sunny and warm - but a wee bit bright (at least to my Pacific Northwest accustomed eyes).  Betty Keira had to move her ironing station occasionally to stay in the shade.  The sun wasn't being kind to her in her delicate condition.  Did you see what I just did? Yes, Betty Keira is in an 'interesting condition'.