Thursday, August 2, 2012

Great News from Betty Beth

The lovely and once chatty Betty Beth has been sadly absent from our comments sections for several months now -- but not without good reason, as she explained in recent e-mail: long absence... boils down to a shiny new job, a shiny new engagement, and decreased time at my computer due to both of those.  I'm thrilled to death about both, of course, and still read TUJD daily - but I haven't been commenting of late.  I'll do my best to get right back on that!!  Especially as I am waiting with bated breath to see which of the books winds up winning (and/or placing highly) in the tournament...  I'm unfortunately not allowed to vote at this point because I haven't read all of them, but that works in my favor: whichever ones win that I haven't read are coming with me on my honeymoon!

...I just passed my six month mark at my current job (coordinating and hiring sailors and their schedules, and training, and paperwork, and the list goes on and on!), and it's immensely enjoyable.  I'm learning things I never even thought of before, and occasionally I get to go on an ocean-going freighter heading to Alaska to take pictures for training!  I haven't yet made it to Alaska, but my fingers are crossed. :D  I promise if I do ever make it aboard for more than a weekend, I'll bring Mrs. Neels with me, and I'll make some sailors photograph a Betty-in-the-Ocean to prove it!

I'm immensely excited about the wedding as well - he may not be a Rich Dutch Doctor, but my fiance and I have been dating for four years, and we're both looking forward to marriage and a family down the line.  He's a teacher, though, so maybe I shall call him the Professor?  

True to any Neels heroine, I am making all sorts of lists!  My future husband and I are planning a honeymoon on Kauai after our December 1st wedding (which will be down at my parish church, with a lunch reception in my parent's backyard down in San Diego, so hopefully Mrs. Neels would approve!), so I definitely need all the help I can get in picking which books to pack for lazy beach reading and the massive amounts of plane travel I'll be doing!  Any advice from the Bettys would be very gratefully accepted...  

Hopefully I will be back soon - we're resolving the internet connection difficulties at home, and once those have vanished, hopefully sometime next week, I will again be able to comment with the best of them!  Until then, however, I remain your faithful reader (on work computers during my breaks, at least...)

We know already that Children Ruin Everything, but please chime in with any other advice you'd like to share on beach-reading, professional success, marriage, weddings or sailors, or any combination thereof.