Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vintage Betty Jackpot

via email:


I imagine you'll already have Betty fans in MO so I don't need to be added to your map.  I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and how it's helped me in my quest for Betty's.  I also have enjoyed your cooking posts.  I've not subjected my family to British cooking but if they catch me reading often ask if it's a Betty.

Anyway, I wanted to share a neat Betty collector story with folks who can appreciate a great find.  First a little background- I've been collecting Betty's for around 10 years.  I was introduced to them by a friend who used to order them from a seller in Australia.  She had "allowance" to  spend so I read hers and bought books at they were reprinted by Harlequin. As time went on, I've bought them everywhere- I love the old covers.  Unfortunately, my collection was lacking the oldest Neels.  I had never even seen A Sister in Amsterdam.  I live in rural Mo and have access to one used book store in town.  Our little library has a book sale once a year and has a tiny room in the library for donated books that they don't think will sell in the annual sale.  I walked in a couple of months ago and saw 4 or 5 shelves covered with old Harlequins in  mint condition- evidently some older woman had a subscription back in the 70's and had read them once and they had sat upon her shelf.  I thought I'd be lucky to find one Neels in the lot.  I found the first 10 or  so original editions printed by Harlequin in the US.  I'm still in shock.  Yes, the pages are yellowed, but the covers are pristine and I have the joy of having a nearly complete Betty collection.  BTW- I got them for $.10/piece.  I could barely contain myself at my good fortune.  The only other time I've found even half as many non re-prints was when a collector had dropped off her collection at the used book store.

I know I'll never,ever have another Betty find day like that again.  I have to add that my neighbor picked up a few of the non Betty's from the same era and they're not as well written.  Harlequin definitely had a jem in Betty.

From one Betty fan to others

(Betty) Jennifer

While not my favorite Neels, Ring in a Teacup wins in the Adorable Cover Art category hands down.

Dear Betty Jennifer,

I adore the old covers - they have such fun details!  Congratulations on scoring a bunch for such a fabulously low price.

Love and lardy cakes,
Betty Debbie