Friday, August 3, 2012

Betty Love

Stevie wondered which would be more likely to capture the heart of Professor Baron van der Teile ter Fuelen: Tribal hair accessories or an illegally imported tropical bird.

via email:

Hello, Bettys! Greetings from Gloucester, UK!

I discovered Betty Neels about a fortnight ago, and am already wondering how I lived before RD(B)Ds were in my life. I started with A Gem of a Girl, and moved quickly on to The Promise of Happiness - and I've not really stopped since. I now have nine paperback Bettys and eleven e-book Bettys (which are great, but which will eventually be replaced by proper book copies). 

I love this site! I love the reviews (which I use to work out which one to buy next) with the ratings and the fashion in all its inevitable jersey glory, and I love the British Word of the Day segments (we do have some rather odd words; as an insider, I don't think that I always appreciate how odd some of our expressions are). I've already got to the point where I have a spreadsheet to detail which Bettys I have, their publishing year, and which format I own them in, and a giant list of 'Bettys I'd Like To Read', which I'm gradually getting through. My favourite so far is Dearest Mary Jane - I think Sir Thomas is one of the best heroes we've had, although Justin Teylingen in Wish With The Candles is pretty lovely too - so's Litrik ter Breukel in Making Sure Of Sarah, when he falls for Sarah despite her canal-y malodorousness.

I think I'm going to make my generous and long-suffering boyfriend take me on a Betty tour of the Cotswolds - I've done Cheltenham on my own, but there are all sorts of villages to visit. If I succeed in my endeavour, I shall take a Betty-in-the-wild photo and send it to you, if you wouldn't mind? Betty-in-situ might be quite fun...

I shall stop mithering you now.

Love (and Bath buns - I just can't get behind lardy cakes),

Welcome Betty Rhiannon!
I adore your name.  Does everyone break out in song when they hear your name?  You know the one I mean...And is it tedious when they do ( I am doing this very minute)?
I love that you're so new to the Wonderful World of Betty.  And I wonder how that will color your impressions as contrasted with your fellow Bettys--some of whom were Betty-Fabulous from the pram practically (not myself, sadly) while others became adult hoarders.  I'm sure your fellow Bettys would be thrilled to point you towards their favorites.
We hope desperately that you are taken off to the Cotswolds posthaste and would feel as forlorn as a skinny orphan in an ill-fitting grey dress if we didn't get the pics.
Love and...(for you) Bath buns!
Betty Keira


  1. Welcome, Betty Rhiannon, lovely to have a Betty-in-situ. Hamstering 20 Bettys in total within a fortnight - I am in awe! Did you know there was a Betty novel taking place in Gloucestershire? I have just re-re-re-read it this week, it's Polly. Looking forward to any pictures you can manage.
    Betty Anonymous

  2. I would love to see pictures, pictures, and MORE pictures! How fun!

    Betty AnoninTX

  3. You know, Betty Anonymous, 'Polly' is on my to-read list. I've just not got around to getting it yet! Along with much of the rest of the Betty canon...

    To answer your question, Betty Debbie: yes, people do tend to break out into song. I can't say I'm too fond of it (especially because I was named Rhiannon because we're Welsh, not because my Olds are huge fans of Fleetwood Mac... or even know who/what Fleetwood Mac is... I think they'd think it was a coat in Lancashire somewhere).

    I just finished 'Tabitha in Moonlight'. It's up there with 'Dearest M-J' for me now!

    I asked Boyfriend if he would take me to some of the villages around Stow on the Wold for a start, and he agreed happily. Of course, that's because he doesn't know why we're going, but once we're en-route, it'll be too late. Ha! So when we finally get there, there will be photos!

    Eccles cakes for everyone!

    Betty Rhiannon

    1. So many lovely Welsh names -- I'm partial to Bronwyn. Despite the song, I bet you have to spell 'Rhiannon' for 97% of the people who need to take down your name; Betty Keira will sympathize.

      My wish list for your BitW photos: thatch-roofed cottage; donkey in a back garden; fancy hotel tea with buttered muffins in a silver dish; Boyfriend's Rolls. (He does have a Rolls, doesn't he?)

      And then if you can swing down south and find a fuzzy pony in the New Forest, that would be super-great!

      Enjoy your trip. And welcome to TUJD.