Saturday, September 1, 2012

Betty in the Wild

via email:
Betty Goes to North Carolina with Betty Barbara

In the middle of August, Mijnheer van der Tarheelin, our son and I hopped in our socking great Bentley (cleverly disguised as a 2002 Dodge Caravan) and drove from our home in Maryland to his brother's house in the charming coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina.

(I digress for a minute to point out that there is actually another charming coastal town named Beaufort in South Carolina.  The two towns' names are pronounced differently, of course.  The North Carolina town is pronounced Bow-fort, with 'bow' as in 'bow tie' or 'bow and arrow'.  The South Carolina town is Bew-fort or as 'beau' at the start of 'beautiful'.)

We had a marvelous time, as we do every year.  Lots of good company and lots of fresh shrimp to eat.  This year I even remembered to take along a Betty book so that I could do 'Betty in the Wild' photos.

Now, these are nowhere near as dramatic as the National Park photos from Betty AnoninTX.  But I offer them up for your humble enjoyment. (By the way, I must thank Mijnheer for ably assisting me in this endeavor.)

Betty at the Beach:
The first two photos were taken at Ft Macon State Park's beach access point.  That's the nicely calm Atlantic Ocean in the back ground.  As you can see, the weather was great!

The next two photos are from the other side of Ft Macon park, where there is an observation pavilion overlooking Beaufort Inlet.  It is a fantastic place to watch all of the small fishing and pleasure boats head out to the ocean from the area's different marinas.  Once again, great weather.

Several miles down the road from our host's house in the community of Bettie.  Oh, how could I resist the opportunity to photograph Betty visiting Bettie?.  Now Bettie is just a wide spot in the road and it was too dangerous to park near the town sign.  But we did manage to capture these two images.

If you keep driving past Bettie you can end up on Harker's Island.  And at the very end of Harker's Island, is the Park HQ for
Cape Lookout.  Cape Look is accessible only by boat and there are ferries that will take you over to the lighthouse and beaches.
The cape is a very popular destination for week-end boaters and it is quite beautiful.
Last picture.  Alas, it is just of the sign.  The lighthouse was barely visible that day, and I couldn't get a good enough picture.

I hope y'all have enjoyed my little jaunt to the beach.  I had fun taking the pictures, and my spousely assistant didn't grumble a bit.

Love and blueberry scones,

Betty Barbara


  1. Oh, it all looks beautiful and very relaxing. Thank you for sharing, and thanks so much for ensuring Betty made it to Bettie.

  2. Betty visiting Bettie! Thank you for the sharing your pictures with us. Glad you had a great time!

    1. And you are to be congratulated on your "spousely assistant" who "didn't grumble a bit"!

  3. Betty Barbara here--
    Poor Bettie Debbie! My e-mail was acting up and I couldn't tell if this had ever gone though to her. So I kept re-writing it and re-formatting it. I bet she was heartily sick and tired of it at the end.

    Beaufort, NC is quite fascinating in itself. I mean, really folks, what's not to love about a town that has an annual 'Pirate Invasion Day'! Check it out HERE

    For those of you interested in Ft Macon State Park, try HERE.

    Harker's Island is also interesting.

    For Cape Lookout try HERE. We usually get over to the Cape during our visits, but this year neither my bother-in-law's boat nor the weather co-operated on the available day.

    1. Sheesh--'brother-in-law'. Oh when will I learn to proof read!
      He is not a 'bother' at all!
      Likewise--repeat after me--Cape Lookout, not Cape Look.

      Good thing Betty Anonymous wasn't lurking with her red pen!

      Betty Barbara

    2. You are lucky. She ran out of red ink correcting her own mistakes. That'll teach her...

  4. Well, thank you for the compliment!

    I really really really want to visit the Carolinas and Georgia someday, especially to visit the coastline and the capes. My maternal grandmother was born in Waycross, Georgia. She talked often of St. Simon's Island, and I've always wanted to go there. Maybe someday the PRT and I will make the trip.

    I enjoyed the photos!

    Betty AnoninTX

  5. Nice work Betty Barb. I like you ocean shots, well I love the ocean. Combine that with a Betty and you've got paradise!
    That's a place I've never really been and would sure like to go! Betty Ariel was there for her senior trip many moons ago, but I couldn't chaperone as I had a 4 year old at home at the time! That little one is now 16, maybe I'll make it for her senior trip. But these days nobody goes very far, I think last years seniors went to a water park in Ohio for 2 days.

  6. Just posted my very first comment on this site and posted it to a 2 yr old blog entry! Oh, well - I do other thing better, though I can't recall them just now...
    Anyway, my daughter and I are hooked on the books and love this site! We are collecting the books as speedily as we can and planning an English tea ala Mrs. Neels, complete with correct costuming if possible. (I just discovered Jersey dresses on the Laura Ashley website - perhaps our obsession needs some downtime?)

    anyway, thanks for adding to our fun!

    1. Betty Barbara here--
      Welcome, Betty Beth (and daughter)!
      You will soon have a very good occasion to have a fancy tea and to wear those uncrushable jersey dresses. Betty Neels was born on Sept 15, 1909. So around this blog, we celebrate Bettysday on the anniversary of her birth.
      Glad you could join us.

    2. Welcome, Betty Beth and daughter! I have just read your very first comment. If you do have a Neelsy tea could you take some pictures? Have fun!

  7. Welcome Betty Beth and daughter. Nice to see others who share this obsession with their progeny. My three girls have their favorites, but unlike Mom have no desire to read them all or join in the Betty-fest here.

    I 'rescue' Bettys whenever I find them free or cheap, so if you are having trouble finding them let us know. I use Paperbackswap and Bookmooch to share my books, too. You might find some there. Good Luck!

  8. Welcome Betty Beth and daughter!! I too have lots of Bettys I've collected, and I share as well!