Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Bettysday Festive-ness

Oh, joy – photos arrived this morning from Betty Adrianne and more from Betty Barbara.  Please read the previous post if you haven’t already so, so this one has at least a shot at making some sense.

I mentioned Betty Margaret/Mickie’s (She comments as Betty Margaret but in person becomes Betty Mickie.  I shall continue to use both until instructed otherwise.) beautiful peacock theme.  And then Betty Barbara told us she (Betty M/M) acquired a peacock at her country estate some years ago, when it wandered in and stayed!  For those of you wondering, peacocks are not native to the Maryland woodlands.  Anyway, with judicious cropping, I think I can show you a bit better what I’m on about ref: her outfit:

Better, right?  And there’s also a bit better a view of Betty Adrianne in her hand-knit (by her) lacey scarf, and if you peer in just to the left of Dearest Mary Jane, you can see that hand-turned (by her friend) box-elder scarf pin.  But don’t strain, as a close-up is coming.

And here we have a pair of architectural views of the peacock frou-frou or fascinator affixed to Betty Margaret/Mickie’s head in the above, built with feathers from her very own adopted peacock, Pete.  That's right, Pete the peacock:

Hands up who wants one?  (Me!  Me me me oh pick me!)

And here’s a lovely photo of Betty Adrianne in her scarf (or shawl – is that a shawl?):

I’ll take one of those, too, if anyone’s offering.

If you were wondering about the food, which was tasty but a very distant third to the company and the (very distant second) revivifying beverage:

Beginning with the lowest plate, we have some fruit, a little metal cup that used to have corn salad in it, a small cut of dilled Havarti, and a cranberry-orange scone waiting to be bedecked with clotted cream, lemon curd, strawberry conserve or some combination thereof.  On the middle level, there’s a cucumber-lavender sandwich you can barely see – a thin slice of bread, spread with cream cheese with lavender petals blended into it, and topped with a slice of cuke.  Then the round tomato sandwiches, a not-yet-empty cup of corn salad (the shadow of my hand, reaching out to sweep that middle plate clean, hovers in this photo) and a ham-and-habenero sandwich.  Up top are the sweets, which included thickly-frosted carrot cake, some little chocolate things and shortbread biscuits drizzled with ‘chocolate.’  That’s how the tearoom describes them, but I say if it’s pale orangey-yellow, it’s not chocolate.

Ignore any incidental cleavage in that photo, please.  It’s allowable in a married lady, or anyone else.

Also, if I may request this, please forgive errors, typos and oddly-placed photos.  Favorite Girl has decided opinions on the appropriate use of human laps on Sunday mornings, and computers don’t come into it.  So I had to juggle a bit...


  1. Ooh, another knitter. Is she on Ravelry?

  2. I think she is.

    I am on Ravelry -- ND84.

    But I can only competently knit simple patterns in rectangles. Managed one sock (still working on the mate). Not even on the same planet, let alone in same ballpark, as Betty Adrianne.

    I can't knit worth beans, but I could set up a Betty group on Ravelry if anyone is interested?

  3. The peacock fascinator is quite fascinating. Well done. Of course, I could never wear it, but Betty Margaret certainly can. Very fetching.

  4. Army Betty, I must confess I am not very participative in any of my reading-related groups on Rav. I'd join a Neels group, but I can't see myself knitting a Neels-themed KAL, for example. I'm mrsfife there as well.