Tuesday, August 30, 2011


via email:


My name is Daria and while I have a great love for Betty Neels, I only have a few of her books. My Mom has all of her books and when I am visiting I read as many as I can during my time there. There is one that I have that I would like to reread but I can never find it. I think it is a Betty Neels but I may be wrong. As I recall it is a marriage of convenience and she gets a whole new wardrobe. There is a dinner party and she says she feels unwell and doesn't go. The have a bit of an argument as he thinks she is faking but she ends up being ill. I know they are in Holland. I am sure he is a doctor and very likely a Baron or some such. Do you recall that one?

Dear Betty Daria,
You've pretty much described half of the books written by The Great Betty.  I'm going to throw the question out there for input from the general pool of Bettys - I'm drawing a blank and I don't have my usual resources to fall back on. Anyone?
Love and lardy cakes,
Betty Debbie

My 'usual resources' went on vacation with me - around 100 of my BN books
are on loan to Betty Marcy and Betty Iris (Betty Marcy's 84 year-old mother-in-law).


  1. It sounds like Caroline's Waterloo.

    Cheers, Carol

  2. I'm thinking Caroline's Waterloo also. He's a baron (okay, not that helpful), she gets the flu (again, not all that helpful), the flu means he gets out of parties (better but not exactly what you described), they row (if you had stated that it included the Mother of All Donkey Comments then Bingo!).

  3. And I know it can't possibly be Becky and the Baron, the Hot, Hot Baron (aka The Promise of Happiness) because they weren't married in it.

  4. Thank you all.
    I will take a look at Caroline's Waterloo!

  5. Betty van den BetsySeptember 1, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    Emma of Wish with the Candles backs out of a date with Justin on grounds of feeling unwell, only to suffer a few snarky comments from him (assuming she was faking to get out of seeing him) next morning in theater. Turns out she's suffering from appendicitis and stoically completes the op in physical agony, sweating and nauseated whilst Staff stands behind her to catch her if she passes out. He apologizes nicely. They aren't married, so it's not the one you're remembering, but it's a very lively little scene.

  6. Daria! It was Caroline's Waterloo. I just re-read it this week! OMG, I love this one. Caroline is the Ninja Godess of all Betty Heroines. Radinck never stood a chance.