Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, August 29th.
Tabitha in Moonlight

An RDD in shorts,
marooned on an island,
experiments with cosmetics!


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Yay! an excuse to re-read one of my favorite Betty books.

  2. Don't you think this guy is Rod Taylor of Time Machine fame?

  3. Don't you mean "of Glass-Bottom Boat fame"?

  4. Okay, that works. But my movie came first! I'll admit yours is more fun.

  5. Betty Mary breaks away from her reading looking to her fellow Bettys for consolation.
    Oh dear. Rod aka Marius is doing that "I'm attracted to you,so I'll date your wicked step sister, just to prove how male-go-centric and dolt-y I am." I'm only to page 60, and I'm shaking in my boots. Tabby broke out the make-up. This is not looking pretty and can't end well. I can't look. It's hard to read and blind my eyes.

  6. Betty AnHK
    Betty Mary - that's funny. Poor Tabs also needs some consolation from suffering at the hands of Marius. A girl always feel abundantly confident when the man she love dates her evil family and does the thinking for her little self too.

    That said, I love it in the book when she has a bikini moment, it almost makes up for (spoiler) the bit where they leave her behind. Confidence booster!

  7. Betty Barbara here--
    Not to worry Betty Mary. It turns out Marius has an ulterior motive for seeming to favor the wicked step-sister.
    However, ulterior motive or not, it is pretty hard to justify his moment of extreme callousness when he goes back to pick up Tabitha. (Though that moment does add into the whole angsty goodness of the book!)
    I'm with Betty AnHK--the bikini moment is wonderful.

  8. Uh, don't you mean Rod Taylor of The Birds fame? Or Hotel fame? Or The Train Robbers?

    Okay, I admit it--I love The Glass Bottom Boat. (I went on one once--just because of the movie--couldn't see a thing because they didn't clean the glass.)

    I think he is still alive. He played Churchill in a George Clooney movie fairly recently.

  9. Betty Barbara here--
    Hey, if we are going to play the Rod Taylor nostalgia game--I remember him in his TV series! Set in Hong Kong (which I believe was the name of the show), he was a P.I. and Lloyd Bochner was the suave police chief/friend.
    And yes, he is still alive. Betty JoDee is correct: he played Winston Churchill in Inglorious Basterds(released in 2009).

  10. Great Info on Rod. I wonder if Robert Osborn (TCM) has ever done a retrospective on him? There's a couple of movies up there I haven't seen. My prof has seen the movie with the vulgar title. I asked him if he remembers Rod in it. He doesn't. So, did he not age well? I haven't google imaged him yet, but it's not a good sign if he can pass for Winnie.
    BTW - this is reference two on Churchill for me. What happens when I get to three?

  11. Rod Trivia question:
    Extra points if you didn't google it.

    What cartoon movie character voice did Rod Taylor do.

    I was going to give clues but figured if you didn't know it, you've googled it already! LOL

  12. Betty Barbara here--

    Ooo, oooo, I know this one! He voiced Pongo in 101 Dalmatians(the original Disney cartoon version in the late 1950's).

  13. Did he really?!? Digging through kids' videos for Sunday night movie....

    I just googled his image for Betty Mary--I think he looks a poppet (he IS 81).