Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reader Query

I thought I would throw this out to Bettys new and's a bit of a head scratcher, but I'm sure someone will be able to help out Betty Kat (the red bits are my musings):
Hello. I love your TUJD. i found it and have been reading it when i should be working.  i've been looking for a BN book that i read and then put in the 'to be donated' box. and i've had to live with that stupid, careless action for 2 years now. and all because i wanted to clear away clutter. ugh.  And i've been looking on TUJD but i get so caught up reading i forget that i should be looking for my book. Would be help me? I can not remember the title but have some of the details.... that i remember and in no particular order:

1. chubby girl (lots of those)
2. wicked, evil stepmother (if there is a stepmother, she's usually wicked and evil)
3. sweet old house maid (narrows the field slightly)
4. a shabby upstairs apartment that had an outside staircase (hmm...are you sure it's a staircase and not a balcony?)
5. tea with an old woman in a bright, sunny field, the heroine with a full belly, happy until he shows up... with her (this should help, but I'm drawing a blank)
6. an 'engaged' hero (narrows...slightly)
7. feeding a tiny kitten milk, him bringing her the kitten just after she moves into the apartment (slight...narrowing)
8. hero gets heroine a job (lots of these)
9. Heroine insisting until the very last page that he should marry the other girl (hmm...)
10. creepy beau that's a 'good friend' of the hero's fiance(er...)
11. the hero and heroine walking to church (um...)

i know it's not a lot to go on, but if you have any ideas I'd really appreciate it. 

sincerely and very hopeful: