Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheap Date

Cobweb Morning's best bits revolve around Alexandra's efforts to spare our hero's pocketbook. Most heroines in Neelsdom have a pretty generous attitude toward fish and chip places, Happy Eaters and long drives into the country. Sure, our heroes often do better (the Ritz, The Baron of Beef, etc.) but as long as they don't venture near pizza places and Indonesian food semi-basement restaurants, the Aramintas and Olivias take what's going.

Our Betty Betz, Handbook of Teen-Age Know-How states:
And girls, your date has a modest allowance, so don't order the most expensive plank steak, if you want to be asked out often...A smart lass carries enough change to cover such 'emergencies' as a phone call, powder room tips, or a lonesome taxi ride home.

'A lonesome taxi ride home'--the imagination boggles. Certainly our heroines have had one or two of those...

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