Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pub Crawl

In The Silver Thaw, Tom takes Amelia to The Lamb and Garter for what passes for a date. Not much is said about it but I did wonder how such a name came to be. What do lambs have to do with garters...and vice versa. Evidently, I'm not the only one who thinks Pub Names have a certain silly mash-up quality to them. Meet the Random Pub Name Generator. I've come up with:

The Flute and Bricklayer
The Green Donkey
The Barrel's Llama
The Bull and Rose

Or here's a list of Pub Names that should exist but don't:

Fleas! Fleas! Fleas!
The Weeping Sore
The Cricketers Box
The Wookie's Nook (okay, I love that one)

But they can't beat the real thing:

The Hung, Drawn and Quartered Pub
The Roaring Donkey
The Bucket of Blood
The Drunken Duck

So, if you could be the proprietress of a pub, what would you name it?


  1. Choose any of the names above and add the word "Uncrushable".
    The Uncrushable Bucket of Blood...
    The Uncrushable Green Donkey...
    The Uncrushable Drunken Duck...

  2. The Uncrushable Varicose Vein...

  3. The Uncrushable Leaky Cauldron...