Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Betty in the Wild

Cargo--an iconic downtown importer. For all your mahjong needs!

The little Mijnheer and I took off this weekend. We were shaking loose the kids to celebrate 12 years of implied conjugal relations. We stayed at the Bonneville Hot Springs up the Colombia River Gorge--a must-see if you come looking for a genuine Oregon thaw. Of course, I HAD to bring along Betty.
The Bonneville Fish Hatchery--just because it's on the national historic registry doesn't mean it doesn't stink!

Gorgeous Bonneville Dam--I hate that the picture makes it look dinky. It is so, so awesome.

And Multnomah Falls. The Old Colombia Gorge Highway is littered with beautiful, accessible waterfalls. Really great day hikes.


  1. Are there any other Bettys in the same fix as I am in? Ever since this photo of Betty in the Wild bit, I haven't been to a single interesting place, nor do I see anything exciting in the foreseeable future. I had not realized I was so dull (must be my mousey hair).

  2. Whenever we drive past the Bonneville Dam, I want to break into song..."Your power is turning our darkness to dawn, roll on, Columbia, roll on".