Friday, May 21, 2010

Re-name That Book!

Just a reminder of the contest we have going on this week....Re-naming vague book titles. (Go here to see the original post).

...So many of the titles to Neels books seemed to have been chosen with a literary equivalent to the Random Pub Name Generator (I just found a site that has a Random Title Generator)...the problem is that they are just too vague - especially if they are a "Best of Betty Neels" (you know, the ones with the pretty, nondescript covers). With that in mind, we decided it might be fun to rename some of those excessively vague titles. Give these books new titles that might actually help us remember them!

We'll start with three that we've already reviewed (you can use the reviews to refresh your memory...if you're at all like us and need a little nudge as a reminder). Choose one or more.

  • Always and Forever
  • Dearest Love
  • An Unlikely Romance

Since I'm leaving town (yes, again) next Wednesday, I think we'll end this contest at midnightish on Monday, May 24nd (or before Betty Keira gets up on Tuesday). Let the games begin...

Oh, prizes? You betcha...I've got copies of Matilda's Wedding, Heidelberg Wedding or The Secret Pool (all of which will be reviewed next month). Your choice.

Here's what we have so far:

Always and Forever: (Betty JoDee) Amabel's Ffolly or Yucking it Up in York

Dearest Love: (Betty Keira) Sparks and Sparkplugs, (Betty Barbara) The Doctor and the Mousy Plumber, (Betty JoDee) From Handyman to Harrods or How to Fix a Fuse to Hook the Hunk.

An Unlikely Romance: (Betty Barbara) Beatrice and the Endocrins or Trixie's Dense Dutch Doctor, (Betty JoDee) Crying for Krijn or Gleeful for Glands Rather than Adoring Andre the Architect

You can either post your submissions in the comment section here OR email us and I'll post it for you (see email button on sidebar).

I know, some of you are saying to yourselves:
"But Betty Debbie! I've never even commented on this blog before. It might be considered presumptuous of me." To that we say, "Nonsense! The more the merrier!"

"But Betty Debbie! I live in Outer Mongolia - how will I get my prize?" To that our response is, "Sure, it might take a while for you to get your book, but we always make sure our carrier pigeons are well fed before any trans-oceanic flights. The cost of pigeon feed is no object."


  1. **JoDee the Obscure, or How to Miscommunicate and Mess Up the Missive**

    I saw my contest entries on the latest post and discovered that I was not as clever as I thought. I meant them to be in the old Victorian melodrama style, e.g., Rocky and Bullwinkle teasers titles such as “The Snowman Cometh, or An Icicle Built for Two,” “Seasick Bullwinkle, or How Green Was My Moose,” or “The Cliff Hanger, or Taken for Granite” rather than six separate entries.

    Perhaps I should have tried Victorian chapter titles instead: Beatrice ventures to Friesland--Encounters the Sisters and parents of Krijn--Inadvertently gets into Misunderstood triangle in which Andre the Architect is Presumed to be Courting her--Prompts feelings on the Part of aforementioned Krijn—January stroll in Which Beatrice becomes lost in Fog—Rescue—Public displays of Affection

  2. Betty Barbara here--
    Always and Forever==There's a Fforde in your Ffuture.

    And, that's all I've got for now.

  3. Oops,sorry Betty Jodee, my bad. Now that you point it out, your entries make perfect sense. I'll fix them.

  4. I love those old fashioned chapter headings. They don't leave room for surprises, do they?