Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upcoming Reviews

Monday, May 24th - Waiting for Deborah. Carroty hair, stroke victim, irrasible Uncle Oscar, RBD (Rich British Doctor).

Thursday, May 27th - An Old-Fashioned Girl. Buying hats in the High street, snowed in, learned medical tome, attic storage, shapely legs.


  1. If this is "Waiting for Deborah," I have an extra copy. Does any Betty out need one? First come, first served.

  2. Oops...it is "Waiting for Deborah".

    I was looking at one for the week after - "Hannah" and must have just put the one name down. We're doing these on consecutive weeks since together they make up my maiden name (both spelled differently).

  3. Ooh, I love "Hannah"--she makes fun of the RDD behind his back all the time (and sometimes to his face).