Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Contest Winners

Congratulations! Our Bettys rock.

*Send us an email with your address and your prize preferences.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh thank you, thank you for picking my offerings! The e-mail with my address is in the aether and on its way to you.
    Betty JoDee--I loved your Bulwinkle style titles--very funny!

  2. (See the humble curtsy in my sensible shoes.) My personal favorite was Beatrice and the Endocrins. I comandeered a grad student's laptop at a conference to check on the contest results while out-of-town--didn't have time to convey my elation at the time.

  3. Holy cow!!! Where have I been since you started this blog! I'm SO glad I wasn't drinking anything when I found this thread. Too clever and too funny!

    Betty Laurel (hope it's not too presumptuous to be a Betty too.)

  4. Every friend of The Great Neels is a Betty.