Saturday, May 29, 2010

Everythings Coming Up Roses

Both Waiting For Deborah and An Old-Fashioned Girl are veritable landscape-gardening shows.

Flowers make everybody feel better. Daffodils, forget-me-nots, pansies, grape hyacinths and snowdrops have the power restore motor skills and cognition evidently. Old Mrs. Vernon starts twitching her toes after the flowers. Coincidence?

Sir James' cottage also has roses and a herbaceous border. Nothing says romance like common ragwort...

In An Old-Fashioned Girl, Patience tip-toes around as a general factotum placing bowls of primroses, winter jasmine, and forsythia on innocent side-tables. There are daffodils and tulips in the greenhouse. Interestingly, though women are the prime receivers of blooms, Julius likes having the flowers around.

When you have flowers in your house, what do you prefer?

Psst...Betty Keira likes roses (any color), cherry blossoms and no carnations.


  1. In the house? It rarely happens, but when it does, it's forced bulbs (paper white narcissus & amaryllis this winter) or whatever someone else thought would be nice flowers. (Which is to say, our local supermarket's floral selection...)

  2. In the house? If so, vibrant zinnia (zinnias?) in many shades of pink, and dragon lilies. Not coincidentally, these are the same flowers currently blooming in the yard. I don't know how I wound up on this two-plus-year old page.

  3. I love tulips, especially red ones. The PRT usually sends roses on our anniversary because he can never remember tulips. :-) I, however, do not usually have flowers or houseplants inside because the cats assume I bought them for the cats' grazing pleasure.

    Betty AnoninTX