Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinema Betty

Betty Debbie specifically requested that I choose vintage Cinderella for Philomena's Miracle.

Horrid step-mother. Two awful step-sisters. Cue Prince Charming. We need a rescue. We have a make-over and being stuck away in the hinterlands with a mild case of chicken pox nursing is as close to being locked in a tower as it gets.

When May Follows has a great bit at the end when Raf asks Katrina over and over again if she loves him. Betty Debbie's Disney choice gave me all the help I needed to choose another.

Beauty and the Beast
I don't think that this version has the part I allude to (in every other version of the story) where the Beast asks the girl if she loves him each night but---close enough. Katrina, like Belle, is caught in a baronial manor house with an inscrutable stranger that she is bound to. Both are chock-full of devoted servants who've seen our hero past a rough patch (here, Nazis=magical spells). And there's even some reincarnation similarities (plane crash=pitchfork wielding villagers) and evil villains (Beyke=Gaston).