Saturday, June 19, 2010

Betty Goes to the Movies

Last night I went to see Toy Story 3 with Dr. van der Stevejinck and a couple of teenage boys. Loved it. Loved. It. The teenage boys even loved it.

I'm not going to give a review of it or rate it...plenty of professionals have done that. I am also not going to give any spoilers...except one teeny tiny one. Mrs. Potato Head is referred to as a "one-eyed Betty". Had to share. There you go.


  1. Everyone's seen it but us :(

  2. Betty Barbara here--
    Don't worry Rebekah. You are not alone. We won't get to see it til Tuesday at the earliest.

  3. It's worse at the Van der Hertenzoon household: no Toy Story till the boys and Dad get back from Japan. Dad offered to take the boys to see it in Japanese so that the girls could see it here at home: no dice.

  4. It was really good, I hope everyone gets to see it on the big screen. However, it not, be sure to see it when it comes out on DVD.

    Betty Laurel