Friday, June 4, 2010

Cinema Betty

Hannah is plain and plump and has no chance with the dreamy RDD, Uncle Valentijn. Her tentative friendships with men-friends have been squashed by her mother like a bug on the windshield of a Coupe De Ville flying down the interstate. I recommend:

Strictly Ballroom

Plain-Jane Fran
wins the heart of Australian dance champion Scott. His devious mother schemes to keep them apart. Her imposing father has squashed lesser men with his paso double boot heels. His Nerissa-esque former partner muddies the water beautifully and true love is set to a rumba beat. This is one of my mother's all time favorites. Feel the rhythm.

Matilda's Wedding has one of the most deliciously awful mothers in Neelsdom. I mean, sometimes you just want to strangle that woman, no?

Throw Mama from the Train
Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito have similar problems. They both hate a woman--Crystal has an ex-wife and Danny has Momma. Matilda's mother is also totally hate-able. How 'about, instead of throwing a lavish wedding at the end to rub their happiness in the faces of this she-devil, they just off her?