Saturday, June 12, 2010

No More Teachers Dirty Looks!

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but yesterday was the last day of school here - yay!!! No more lessons to prepare, no more homework to preside over!!!(cue the back flips). I'm down to one high-school age child...(plus 3 in college - but let's not go there) - so I don't have a lot of entertaining kids to figure out. I have 5 weeks of youngest child's summer planned out...and then he'll probably take 3 weeks of driver's ed - so I figure I've done my part. Any extra time he can find is all his.In Neeldom, we seldom get a real look at school age children...usually they will be younger siblings of the heroine - or occasionally children/wards/godchildren of the Rich Dutch Doctor. British children (in Neeldom) most often, though not exclusively, go to boarding school - especially the boys. While I find the idea rather appealing, in a way, I wonder how the kids like it.


  1. I DO have hoops to jump through this summer. We still have 4 more days of school technically and then it's off to Southern California for a family wedding wherein we will squeeze a trip to Disneyland (which, with my youngest, I am dreading a bit. Like Anakin Skywalker he could go either way...) and help my MIL move. We're swamped!

  2. Sign me up! I would ship my kids off in a heart beat right now... maybe not tomorrow, but definitely right now.