Thursday, June 3, 2010

Betty in the Wild

Attached is a Betty in the Wild photo taken at DisneyWorld this week. I had to carry Betty in a baggie as to not get her wet on Splash Mountain. The top of Cinderella's Castle is cut off because Professor van der Hertenzoon always cuts off everyone's heads when he takes a photo. We saw no RDDs but several princes . . . .
Trying to catch up on the blog,
Betty JoDee


  1. Nice. Good job tarting up the picture!

    Great book to take to the "Magic Kingdom". Taking "The Magic of Living" with you was brilliant.

  2. I told my husband about the baggie on Splash Mountain and it finally dawned on him that we all are a little hard core about this. Well, duh. Way to take it to eleven!

  3. Actually, Professor van der Hertenzoon observed that the Betty might get wet and handed me a baggie before we left for the park. I think our males are getting slowly sucked into the Betty vortex.......

  4. If I drank milk, I would be snorting it out my nose...