Saturday, June 5, 2010

Word of the Day

n. pl. nap·pies Chiefly British
A diaper.

In Hannah little Paul van Eysink is constantly getting 'topped and tailed' which involves a lot of nappies.

What's that, you say? Nappy? Erm...Betty Keira, that's a super, super (underline and highlight) derogatory term for hair of a certain tightly coiled and springy persuasion. Tossing about that sort of thing could get you (yea verily, though thou art a Founding Betty) tossed off The Uncrushable Jersey Dress. Sheesh, Betty Keira, you say.

Perhaps that's why the Brit word for diaper never really caught on in America. I get it. Nappy--short for napkins. But you can see why we wouldn't be in a hurry to use it.

This Founding Betty uses Huggies because they sell them at Costco and work well for my mini-males. And before our littlest Tax Break is potty trained I figure I will have changed more than 10,000 nappies in my time. I'm old enough to remember folding cloth diapers for my mom to use (along with rubber pants--ew) and keeping safety pins in check. Hurray for modern living!

So, what did/do you use?


  1. Cloth Nappies, the more folding the better!

  2. I had two babies in cloth nappies at the same time. It was terrible. Horrible. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was just one, but two...and until my daughter (the younger of the two) was around 4 months old, we didn't have a washing machine in the house - we had to use the laundromat on base. Lugging around laundry baskets of soiled nappies is not my favorite thing to do. Did I mention that it during the summer in Mississippi? Yuk (to both soiled nappies and Mississippi summer heat).

  3. I never realized how much your bairns resemble you until now!
    Back to the point...I will go on record as stating that I never used cloth with my children (except for a brief fling with a diaper service with the youngest boy...THAT didn't last long!).
    After changing every one of my siblings except Betty Debbie and being responsible for the rinsing thereof I would rather have starved in the street than use cloth nappies.

  4. You know what the latest thing in this university-town-populated-by-too-tightly-wound-mothers-with-no-other-experience-with children-until-they-have-a-baby-of-their-own-and-become-instant-experts-on-child-rearing-with-more-money-than-sense is?
    Tie-Dyed Organic Cotton Cloth Diapers! Okay, they are kinda cute, but pull out the ol' Luvs and watch the looks.