Monday, June 21, 2010

Holiday Betty

This is vacation week for both of the Founding Bettys. Betty Keira headed south, Betty Debbie is going east. We're both gone until Sunday. Never fear, we spent much of last week getting ahead...we are going light (and possibly 'lite') on posts - generally only one per day, with the exception of Tuesday. That's when we'll be posting the only review we're doing this week...Emma's Wedding, and the discussion thread. We will be checking in throughout the week - we're pretty sure that the interwebnetz are somewhat available in our chosen locations.

Since Betty Keira is going to a wedding, and it IS Weddings with Betty month, I'm hoping she gets a good "Betty in the Wild" photo. I'll be working on finding cool locations too.

If you get to go on vacation this summer, where are you going? What pictures will you take?

1 comment:

  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Wishing the Founding Bettys smooth roads and safe trips.
    We will be heading down to NC to the beach sometime in August (sigh, want to go NOW).
    Hmmm, also will hit the good UBS in hopes of finding more Betty books.