Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Upcoming Review

Tuesday, June 29th. An Innocent Bride. Run off the road by a motorbike, Simon admits his love to Katrina 40 pages before the end of the book, banns are read, wedding of the year.


  1. Okay, it has always bugged me that the Prince has no name in Snow White. (Of course, Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty is the prince of princes, but I digress). Since I have to read these stories over and over again as the mother of two small girls, I'm now gonna call him "Prince Simon." (In Cinderella, he is at least "Prince Charming," but perhaps we can find a RDD name for him as well.)

  2. Happy to help you out. I'm with you on the whole "no-name prince" thing. How hard would it have been to give him a name?

  3. Follow-up regarding calling Snow White's prince Prince Simon from now on:

    During a road trip I announced to the car that he would be Prince Simon in "Snow White" from now on. Seven-year-old daughter piped up, "Okay, but can we have a Prince Alvin and Prince Theodore, too?" Professor van der Hertenzoon almost drove off the road laughing.

  4. That's hilarious. Truly.

    Now you'll never have to worry about nameless'll just have to try and erase the chipmunk visual from your mind.

  5. Betty Jo Dee this is the funniest kid humor I've read lately! I'm so glad I dug this up looking for the next re-review.
    And now every time I watch Shrek II (which is often (really) with my little daughter (age 16!!!) I will think of that snarky Charming by his rightful first name. AAALLLLVIN!!!!!! ha ha ha hee hee hee yip.....