Friday, June 11, 2010


Milestone #1.
Here at The Uncrushable Jersey Dress we have a fun little widget on our sidebar. Maybe you've noticed our little spinning globe? It gives us a loose idea of how many hits we've had, and a looser idea of where. Don't worry, your actual location is not all that pin-pointed. When I used my laptop in Idaho (a couple of weeks ago), Long Beach, Mississippi came up...needless to say, we were a long way from Mississippi. ANYWAY, my point is that we reached the 10,000 hits mark on Tuesday. The spinning globe showed a flag over Milan, Italy. Strada da percorrere, Italia! (Way to go, Italy!).

Milestone #2.
The fan previously known as "The Zombie Bride" bought her first Betty Neels and started reading it. Hereafter she shall be known as Betty Rebekah (or Betty Becca...your choice). What book did she pick up? Visiting Consultant (aka Blow Hot, Blow Cold). We may need to move that one up the review queue.


  1. The Zombie Bride is dead! (What, again?) Long live Betty Becca!

  2. It's Bekah! Haha. I'll give you a heads up when I finish it. I meant to read it on the flight but I decided to nap rather than listen to the annoying kids.